What the fuck did you guys do??

I don’t know what you did during this server maintenance, but the game has NEVER run worse. Tonight I’ve repeatedly had

  1. ADS walk
  2. Predkour totally ass fucked. Can’t get in trees, falling out of trees, wild glitching and falling through surfaces when I mount trees
  3. Plasma caster clear line of sight blows up in my face. Nothing there
  4. Disk stuck in mid air
  5. Direct full charge caster hits, and sometimes very near direct hits, not registering any damage
  6. Bow still 100% unusable
  7. Direct hits with net launcher, even with a hit marker, not netting the FT
  8. Leap simply won’t work. Pred just won’t do it
  9. Can’t claim
  10. Can’t eat pig

I’ve had two matches where every single one of these occurred.

Your game, in every measurable way, is absolute fucking trash. And this isn’t even discussing the abysmal balance and lack of content. This is purely on a functional level.

Do you guys even care? Is this really the experience you want? Your lack of communication is perhaps the most egregious offense of all. You won’t even acknowledge problems or that you’re trying to address them.

Releasing a game in this state is stupid. The game still being this broken after almost 9 months is fucking shameful.

@i_R_Old_Gregg @Elliott626 this is what I was referring to


Video proof

Yeah, because the game is so known for its reliability. 🤨

On a more serious note, I actually tried to share the clip or whatever at the end of the match but it was only capturing a few seconds. Gave up after second attempt.

Besides, it’s not my job to play test their broken ass game 🤷‍♀️


I just want clear communication back to the community are the people who play this game fanbase new or old to where we have some information that granted I know they’re trying their best but you also have to be informative with the community of your game and I’m not just speaking about myself but many others out here


I’ve experienced 2, 3, 5, and 9. I thought it was just the regular brokenness and not new brokenness, but now that I think about it, you’re right.


No but it help

I don’t think we need proof that the game runs like shit. Someone could tell me a Siberian tiger tackled them out a tree into a snarlack pit and they crashed and I’d take it at face value and believe them. This is the, I repeat THE most bugged game I’ve ever played


Not trying to be a dick to you in any way, you’re a cool dude. But my point of view at this point is I spent 8 months play testing this and posting videos of bugs only to be ignored and for the game to continue being a dumpster fire. So fuck them. I’m done posting videos and doing their work for them.

Lol 😂

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Me either I just glad I’m not the only one

Not playing Cyberpunk then I guess, because it’s kinda a mess. Found a door yesterday that let me look at the world with no textures but the cars driving invisible roads through the air.

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@OldKingHamlet it’s a shame that Illfonic doesn’t seem to care about their game in anyway to fix Problems. that’s rough Weavo i have had the same problems and at this point I don’t feel confident that Illfonic will make the game any better.

No I’m not lol.

Honestly Fallout 76 at launch was more broken than this title and it was more broken than 2077 for sure

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I skipped that one but from what I’ve heard you’re right.
I should add I’m enjoying CP, bugs and all. The crashes are the worst part, I blue screen far more in CP then I ever did on PHG.