What time is the Update!

Hey, go talk politics in off topic, people are talking update here.

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Global warning. I thought that was obvious when i said dont start. But I forget that here the iq of the average forum user is below 10 so i have to spell it out

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Democrats are in cahoots with the communists

Dont start

Ewww the new mode is 4v4 i want my money back

On the PC 11.8 GB added.

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Quit your trolling boy

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lmao, internet’s down for a minute, just my luck

It’s live NOW

New Mode: Clash
Clash is the ultimate 4v4 PVP that puts players in an all-out, no-holds-barred war. Lasting roughly fifteen minutes, two Fireteams will spawn on one of the four Predator: Hunting Grounds maps with one goal:to capture a location before the next capture area spawns
Not trolling

I don’t remember Democrat’s chanting “Russia is our friend” while Russia was meddling in your election?

11.8 GB for me on PC/Epic.

If what you say is true, I will be tilted.

I tagged you in the patch notes

FT vs FT and no Predator?! WTF is this?!

I stand corrected.



It’s a 4v4 with Fireteam and Predator

where are the patch notes?

I’m sorry I’m a lil slow