Whats the Invisibility comparison on Wolf with other classes?

So anyone as of late done any comparisons of Wolf’s invisibility feature (to go completely invisible) with the rest of the classes?
I’m thinking of giving him a purchase but just want to know what his style is like if there is anything note worthy in his cloaking abiltiies or abilities in general or clicking sounds.

Some people here are so jaded and worn out waiting for this dlc to be polished. Was there anything worth noting about this dlc at all?

Asides from his unmasked condition which is cool no doubt to see his face…kind of want to know what evryone thinks who have bought him.
Are his gear perk good enough? whats his stats again?

Still, if there is a Pred bundle again with the other shlew of remaining preds like Cleo and Military pRedator, then i would think about getting him. Really miss the game hype!

I want to suggest the side-audio spectrgraph that we would have to the ability to choose from AUDIO SPECTROGRAPH and - a CLOAK vs VISIBILITY SPECTRUM!

Unfortunately no, the cloaking and clicking sound effects are identical to every other predator.

He does however come with alot of perk points along with high health and movement speed.


How is his stamina like? I found a problem with my fav. Mr.black is when you’re doing stuff and your stamina stalls, and you’re unable to cloak.

His stamina is low but with his high speed you can still run around a lot, but his specializations aren’t that good, the best is assassin.

can you post a general review of ASsassin please? Tell me about the stats, his stamina and useofgears and if he has any cloak advanatges or clicking advantages! Much respect.

Assassin gives a +20% damage buff to any attack, Ranged or Melee, that hits the FT from behind & possibly the sides. So really good if you can get the drop on people or aim AOE attacks behind them, the lighter classes can end up hitting the floor like a sack of bricks. He has 15 Perk Points too so you can run any set up on him. Personally my favourite has been Impenetrable, Impatient & Downrange on him. He has 1450HP and moves at 10.6 metres per second (becomes 11.2 metres with Enraged if you run that on him for some reason) so he’s both able to take the same amount of punishment as classes like Cleopatra & Mr Black whilst also being the fastest in the game. Only real weakness is his 8 Gear Points & low stamina but you can just run Adrenal to fix that. He has high Energy so can use Cloak & Thermal a lot and spam Caster.


Still i take it measuring his invisibility (post-cloak) is hard to determine?

I’ve ran Wolf with Adrenal and its ridiculous. You can just go and go and go, very useful for hit and runs, which works good with Assassin.

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He has about the same kind of Cloak time as Elder & Cleopatra if you’re asking how long he can stay cloaked.

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No what I mean is his complete invisibility after (post) cloak (where the FT member cannot see preds cloak wavering in the atmos) where he visually becomes non existent. There is a timing for this and most say its an average of 3 seconds. if he stops moving he will become non-existing in the visual spectrum.

Wolf is invisible even though he is moving.

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are you sure? Is what you mean directly after cloaking, there is no wavery seen while moving? Can we find footage?

Yes but it’s exploiting.

what you mean kaka? explain!

He doesn’t have any cloak advantages, it’s the same as every one they predator but his energy is extremely high so if you don’t use thermal vision or plasma caster you can stay cloaked for 2-5 minutes I think. And @SomeknowmeasXeno told you the rest.

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Some times the way i see it, the beast needs to be addressed. There isn’t enough here to garner my purchase. What i’m hearing from you all is that his cloaking (based on stamina, that is the amount of time available for cloaking) is just as simliar to the other folks. Thats not good enough for me. I expected some more. Like with that, maybe a completely silent clicking feature.

Each DLC should have a glaring obvious trait that makes that predator a good purchase. We all can’t go by visuals, shaders and textures.

Yeah wolf is good but he doesn’t have any good specializations for damage. (@OldKingHamlet please ask the creators of the game or someone to add analysis to wolf predator. Please)

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If Wolf had Analytic or Stalker he’d be the best Pred in the game no doubt.


Is Stalker the one ability that has no "clicking’? If so, yes! I recall this abilitiy is only available for only ONE class. I’m like wtf already with that.

That’s disciplined and only Scout and Exile have it.