What's your favorite Stealth Kill?

Mine is the elder sword one.
Which I find quite elegant when my Main Aihrui (Valkyrie) is performing it.


Netgun variations. Unfortunately after netgun stealth kills ft body is ragdolling. I would like to see netted headless body’s on the map


I like how the Viking axe cleaves them clean in half

Oh wait it doesn’t

My favorite is the combistick

Katana is pretty rad too

I wish the trophy weapons provided a unique stealth kill as well

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Elder Sword and Wrist Blades. Love the precise cutting and stabbing. The bloody flick with the Wrist Blades is just awesome as well


Alpha Sickle -it just yeets the FT, gets me laughing every time.

Probably a tie between the Katana & Combi. The Katana is just a really slick kill followed by a hilariously brutal kick that sends the bodies flying and that always cracks me up. The Combi is just cool because of how imposing it is to lift 'em off the ground whilst they’re impaled on the spear, and even better if the body ends up blocking the shots from the rest of the team.

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I just want pred vs pred executions.

I don’t care if I get shot in the back of the head.

Actually want to try to make a vid with all the stealth kills.
That will be fun. Since it will feature a lot of different Preds of mine.

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Rag doll when you kill someone with the smart disk(flying)

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That will be a funny vid me probably breaking and giggling.

Do ittt!!! Don’t forget each weapon has a 2 net gun variations!

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My favorite is the horny hammer, nothing’s more satisfying than bashing their heads with a loud bonk.


My favorite would have to be the sickle the almighty yeeeeetttttt is the best!!


I know and have it in mind.

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Combistick. The lift is so beautiful.


Alpha sickle or Warhammer. The sickle can just fling them far away and the warhammer bonks them into the air and the another slam into the ground.

The combistick.
Only because tossing the body off it breaks the laws of physics.
Makes me cringe everytime :’)

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Could never play long enough to get F.T execution because their either Potato’s or they hard a organized team or rush to exfill