When you see a full team of EPIC players and you be like

well… im fucked.


Depends who it is really.


While there’s a higher chance of them being good vs PS players, there’s still a lot of potatoes on PC


Ofc, i met many bad pc players, but oh boy where these good lol. Think they were premade

If it makes you feel better, its not like they would do much better as Pred. There arent many players that can play well vs pc premades anyway.


You don’t have to be though


If you see those two names, Mr_mojo_Rising_ and Psychobabas so yeah you’re surely fucked


Yes + some few others…

First I think Shit, but then iam happy for a real challenge… and iam very carefully from the beginning, even when IDK the players… I often notice that they are not as strong as I feared…

BUT the knowed Names like Mr_mojo_Rising, Psychobabas, Scarface and ofcourse Samhain iam very very carefully and use the distance, i not going for infight unless the moment is right but the window is very small for a mellee attack.

They are so strong they dont mud. they want that you find them… then you know what is coming for you


And when we see this name we know it will be a good game (although difficult for the pred), because Predator97427fr is a skilled pred and good sports player

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Me: plays as savage berserker
FT: plays all dutch 2025
Me: crap

When you see FANTASMA_JUNGLA in the team and you be like :


Coming from one of the best thank you, i mean i didnt get killed until the very end as i knew i would get melted and ive might done better if i had the bow.

When Pred player beats power PC deathsquad premade

predwin (1)