When you spend an entire hour in Destroy all humans remastered

When you spend an entire hour in Destroy all humans remastered, leveling and burning every single inch of santa modesta, and still cant find all the probes.

Shit looks straight outta independence day tho



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Fkn nerd.

Time to go independence day the rest of the maps lol, honestly with the new graphics its the only way you will ever find everything.

I kinda wanna play it. I never played it before, but looks fun.

Its short since its an old game, but its kinda like gta because you can go back and fuck around on the small little open areas from the campaign. They arent too small but they are not big either. Very nicely sized.

I remember i played demo version of this game, good memories

One of my fav games from childhood.

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I loved pushing cows in to the air and smash people againts enviroment lol what a childhood 😉👍

lol same

oh boy i had so much fun as a child with throwing things and people around. Whats that skin you got there?

running the pale horse skin

hmm… how do you get that?

Complete all the optional objectives for mission 18 I believe. If you go into the skins menu and hover over locked skins it tells you.

Maybe its called different in german, because i didn’t remember anything with a horse. Gotta take a look later. Thank you sir 😉

It might have been pale rider, not pale horse.

Ahhh i see

I might pick it up for the right price

definitely buy on sale. I beat it about 10 hours in, and im probably gonna have 100% it at about 20 hours at most.

I think this game is a remake, tho.

But yeah, I think I will eventually bit this game.

I mean yeah because they added the area 42 missions (which by the way are fucking awesome)

So yeah a remake is more like it for sure. But its still short af so dont expect too many hours in it unless you are a completionist.