Where is the October DLC illfonic???

We have been waiting for any word on new DLC, paid or free. Where is the new skins or weapons. I fully understand making new modes and maps takes a lot of time but new skins for existing classes are just cut and paste and trim up the edges. We need more illfonic!!!


Completely agree. But, we probably won’t get any kind of information until 2 weeks from now. If, I had to guess correctly lol.

At the end of the month lmao.

We aren’t getting any this month

definitely not. Because of playstation. blame the PS playerbase for being shite. ASking for a magical device that will eliminate the dust from their toaster fans.

Where is this coming from

From what I can see in the pak file its 3 new pred masks and a shit ton of body and armour skins for FT and Pred. I don’t see this new OWLF FT class and this is dissapointing to me…

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Not what I had in mind but still qute XDDDDDDD

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@endjfcar what kind of name is that?

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another nonsense … today you are sown. the problems are optimization, not play, illfonic and its software. COD game without problems for hours … but I turn on the play (cold) I start the game, and in the start menu the fan is as if it were going to take off … but it is the fault of sony and his fan full of dust. (irony)

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All I want is this New FT class😍


Hardly any other game has the problems this one does.
So it ain’t ps players.

I would like a comprehensive report on the playerbase both PC and PS…unfortunately only Illfonic has that. That report would say alot.

To get an idea of ​​which platform has more users, you just have to disconnect the crossed game, look at the waiting times, how much they go up compared to the connected one. in ps the time for pred increases by one minute and for ft by 10 seconds. how much for pc? the larger the fluctuation, the smaller the player base

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At the end of the month it comes I believe. Agreed!

Is this all you do, is complain. Ughh the younger generation disgust me


Its called feedback 😂

I think he’s one of those kids who opens up the christmas presents during the night the day before christmas to see what’s inside instead of waiting for the actual day.

Kids these days.
We had to listen to dad bitch about walking uphill both ways to school in the snow.

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