Where is update 2.34? I'm not buying the DLC till I know I can safely grab it.

People are still reporting that they’re still unable to grab their DLCs, god damn Predlocks aren’t even working. Like guys @IllFonic I bought Exiled and it’s not even usable correctly. Any ETA? Bc I refuse to believe you guys will go on CM vacation before these are adressed and/or fixed.😫 I just want the content I buy to work, ya know? @Kassinaillia pls update me, or no, all of us as soon as possible.


Maybe they are working on it now? who knows…

This right here is called the denial stage, folks.



Don’t worry, soon you will reach the stage of acceptance.


2.34 is out but it is just a patch for crossplay

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Honestly, wouldn’t put it past them.

And i can tell you right now they broke the game even further. Crossplay is now active. But twice in a row now we have got disconnected when we got a PC player (im ps)

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well bro you need to wait for patch 2.35!