Where the real preds at?

Apparently I go on quick play just to play with noobs and little kids now. I got 3 FT members hoping for a challenge. Preferably PC preds but if you a Console Pred that thinks he can…

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The other times anyone mouthed off, they were actually shit at the game lmao, gonna have to take this with a grain of salt LMAO.




I’m right here


That being said, i’m still down to play whenever these threads come up lol, shit sounds fun.

Yeap, trying to play whenever I get a chance. Quick matches are too boring.

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on vacation right now, taking time to play video game who are more enjoyable right now.

perhaps i will come back if the update is gud


Its hard to catch you on. I’m ItAintNoMan. I believe I have you added on epic. In about 7 hours im able to gather up my son and little brother.

Not really mouthing off. PHG just got really boring with this shit. We gotta come together and keep this feeling alive breda.

It’s gonna be too late for me, so probably you’ll have to find somebody else.

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Gimme a DM on Fourms whenever today, i’m open.

Been busy with For Honor, Valhalla, and lord’s of the fallen.

I played for a little yesterday and lost 1 match cuz fireteam completed missions in like 3 mins xD


It’s game time kids. Who’s on for a beatdown?

Tough luck. I think most of premade FTs are doing laundry right now 😅

Mudding up takes it’s tall

Edit: i got that mixed up. Clear as mud

I’m on console but can I give it a go?

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JimHarbaughWOLVE. If you dare


I’ll even make it sporting. ILL KILL YOU LAST!!

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I’m here to team up with someone if needed.

@TTV_onskie247365 @JimHarbaughWQLVE
Tonight in about 7 hours let me know. Had a few matches last night. @Xenomorph_2099 your up first.

I’ll be on at 7pm eastern usa. Come. GET SOME