Which is better?

Wolf, cleopatra, elder, or mr, black.

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Depends on how you want to play. Cleo is best overall, Elder a close second, both because of stats, Stalker specialization and the ability to hold traps. Wolf is last, due to no bullet resistance and his gear stat is horribly low, but he has a lot of speed and is good for hit and runs. Black is a decent mix of good stats, high bullet resistance and health make him a tank, and decent speed.


I want to be able to play ranged but able to get in front of fireteam for a couple shots. What would be best for that?

Cleo, then. She’s the best to use for ranged and melee. She has the Stalker spec, so you can have extra damage from ranged weapons at full stamina. She has higher health than the Elder, and has 13% more melee damage.

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Neither of them have bullet resistance, as far as I’m aware, the difference being Mr. Black has 1500 health while Wolf has 1450 (1400?) health.

Obviously, Mr. Black has more gear points and also 10% increased melee damage by default.

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Imma have to agree with you on this, Cleo is S Tier

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Then between the two, Mr. Black would be the best choice, no? Unless you’re going for hit and run, then I would think Wolf because of his overall speed.

Yeah. I would mostly agree. Wolf vs Mr Black is mainly a huge difference in sprint speed.

Wolf has Assassin, Mr Black has Vicious. So that might also play a large factor in which one you would pick.

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So I should use cleopatra.

Yes. If you want the best mix of health, melee, ranged, with good specs and stats and item/gear use, Cleo is your go-to.

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I’d go with Wolf. Assassin is 20% more damage to the back, regardless of what you’re doing damage with. His raw speed for such a high health pool makes him great for premades so long as they’re not all running something like the SAWZ+1911 combo, but that goes for any pred. Not to mention his available perk points, you can pretty much play however you want save for a couple playstyles. If you wanna run traps with him, you’d be forced to run no meds and rely on pigs, and while I don’t recommend that for premades, it is possible and I’ve done it before, it just sucks lol.

If you go with Enraged and gamble health, Wolf becomes the fastest Predator in the game and cannot be caught up to simply by running. Run Impenetrable or Ironside on him for fleeing and/or claiming/healing and you’ve got a melee Wolf build. Not quite what I’d run for a premade but it does work, need to be very careful gambling your health tho.

Focused… Don’t run Focused against a premade. All I’d ever use it for is emergency energy when I need it. Unfortunately, it relies on you having your mask. While it does give you a speed boost as well, it is only temporary and once again, relies on you having your mask.

Cleo is the other great choice. She is debatably the best option for melee, save for maybe Mr. Black. The difference is Cleo does 13% more melee damage while Mr. Black does 10% more melee damage. Cleo has access to Tactician and can capitalize on trapped, netted, or rezzing/mission pushing players. Which is how I run her, meds, traps, and motions. Medic, Large Pouch, Fearless. Maximum melee potential at 34% more damage with Tactician active, can three tap just about any lone class with that, so long as they don’t have passive resistance bonuses like Dante or Support. However, a trapped, Thick Skin Support alone can get three trapped by it so long as he doesn’t stim while you’re smacking him. Need to be mindful of her stamina, as it is fairly low. Her energy is also excellent for the hybrid player. You can plasma to your hearts content, if you so choose.

Mr. Black… Well damn, he ain’t bad, I’ll tell ya that much. But one thing that severely handicaps him is his speed. I love him for how well attuned to hybrid play he can be. You can play Mr. Black with range only and you’ll be fine. His stamina is slightly greater than Hunter’s making him great for the mobile player, and his energy surprisingly high with fast regen. 1350 with 105 regen, that is impressive and very useful. You can run Brute or Wrathful with him, but be mindful that while Brute continues to pile on the damage when being parried, make sure his teammates are either dead or can’t see him when you melee. Regarding a premade anyway. Lotta people sleep on Brute for melee builds, apparently not realizing it does half of the damage you were about to do with your next melee attack. Which means alarming numbers when in melee fights, especially with something like the Sickle and Elder Sword, hell even the Combi can be used for Brute. But IMO, the best thing to use for Brute is the Katana. The bleed and Brute piling on free damage can be devastating to any FT member so long as the circumstances permit meleeing. I’m unsure if melee bonuses apply to Brute, I wouldn’t assume so, but hey it’s PHG and Illfonic has already let so many specialization bugs slip. If so, you should not be losing melee fights. TLDR for Brute, free melee damage.
Wrathful is another great choice, it’s just you HAVE to take damage for it to activate. And, while that’s not necessarily bad, you don’t know what’s going to hit you in the back. Could be a stray bullet, could be a rocket, could be a SAWZ, you can’t know until you know. Try to make sure it’s a stray bullet. Once you do activate Wrathful, however, it does 30% more melee damage on your next melee attack THAT CONNECTS. If you wanna be brainless and use the axe, go right ahead. 140 damage and 15 bleed is stupid, hell you can even stack the damage given how the axe is still bugged! One shot down pretty much anything. God, the axe is just broken.

I’ll post some of my builds for the three pred mentioned in a minute



Thanks for all of that, but what do you mean by hybrid play? Also don’t worry, I will never use axe again.

Range and melee. Some players rely on one over the other or simply choose not to use one

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Okay, Thanks.

Is valkery actually good?

Oh yes, debatably the best, actually. She’s a Scout that has Berserker specs. High health pool, high stam, average energy, the only setback she has is gear. While you don’t NEED traps to win, they do help significantly. Considering they actually get trapped. Moving on, she is the absolute best option for claim monkeys. Savage on her is just too good. Fervent on her is fucking scary. Our main man @TTV_onskie247365 would be a better choice to talk to about Valkyrie. I may be knowledgeable but he’s the original Valkyrie guy, would know more about playing her properly than I would. I just play her for claiming. Ironside does wonders.

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Hmm, I see.