Which is the best Predator class in the game?

Valkyrie is obiviously the best. Berserker health, scout’s speed, best spec options, and perk/gear space that’s more than enough, and she has the sexiest bodytype.


P.s. City Hunter is a loser and has been since they fixed his roar…that is all

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No he won’t because he’s in love with an Inferior Predator, who might I add got his shit pushed in by an LA COP who killed him with his own disc…such a Badass 😒

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Just use Falconer


Scout pred is an L personified.

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Samhain did a very good Video on this matter, to which I fully agree.

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I like Valkyrie-Stalker with Large Pouch, Medic and Impenetrable.

The right answer is whatever suits the style required depending on the fireteam. Certain classes are better than others. But I would probably say the most well rounded and balanced choice is Hunter Or Jungle Hunter is the best go to running fervent or tracker as spec. The perks vary but I would say any combination of large pouch medic protection energy cell cooling syncs down range are solid choices.

You can glitch specs for dlc classes aswell now? I smell bullshit…😂

Nobody cheat in this game, so it must be a typo by Dexter.

I like Valk - Fervent.
But I tried Falconer Assassin and it felt good. I like fast Preds, I never went for Zerker like classes, although, Mr. Black is a tank with right perks.


Only to the uninitiated, but “We are Initiated, aren’t we?” @REYNOSO_FUA11
The Speed
The Stamina
The Lean Mean Physique
The Perk Points
The Specs
The Scout is the "True Hunter"


Scout literally gets second winded by half a clip of duelist pistol fire. Stop it.

I believe it depends on your style of play and what kind of fireteam ya facing . Asymmetrical game by definition there are always counters

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It’s not the first time I’ve said this, but I think that the best classes, regardless of the map setting and players, are city hunter, elder. They can only change their equipment and perks depending on who you are playing against. I will also say that I analyzed Mr. Black and I can say that in my opinion this is the strongest class in the game now in terms of its characteristics, it surpasses everyone, it has more stamina, health and the amount of energy and equipment that allows you to take traps, first aid kit and decoy, so I consider it the strongest now, it seems to me people just did not understand how to play it, while I figured out his style of play and I think he is incredibly strong. I haven’t played for him myself yet, I can’t play now and everything that has been said about Mr. Black so far only works in theory, so when I can play, I’ll be happy to check everything and be able to share this information with you


my opinion is objective in the game. people in general correctly say that you can take a class that you like to put the right perks on it and play, but if we talk in fact, the best classes are independent of perks and players, I named above

Mr. Black is strong in terms of tankiness but he’s very slow and his energy pool is small meaning you have less plasma shots before you overload.

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of course I could explain to people here why Valkyrie and Cleopatra are not the best classes and are not even in the top 3, but it’s hard for me to do this, I’m Russian myself and I don’t know your language well enough, so please take my word for it, as once in the past one of the best players in this game

in terms of the amount of energy, he is equal to a city hunter, and the recovery speed is even faster than his and the reboot lasts less, I say these facts based on the Skoolboy-skeptik website and I also asked friends to show me his plasma shots and noticed that he is exactly like a city one, so I think you are wrong! Well, or maybe I’m wrong. but it seems to me that you are

Кроме того, я повторяю то, что всегда говорил всем, скорость передвижения в игре не имеет значения, тот факт, что г-н Черный медленный вообще не имеет значения, любой сильный и профессиональный игрок-хищник знает это. На хищнике вы на самом деле не бежите по земле, вы всегда прыгаете и на деревьях. Вы бежите только в том случае, если убегаете от выстрелов как из пулемета, так и из винтовки, и для этой скорости не так много нужно, тогда вам нужно уметь правильно бегать от выстрелов. but this is just a theory, so when I come back I’ll check and say that I’m either right or I’m wrong and I’m an idiot, and you’re all smart