Who else has that high ping? 😂

High Ping Match…… ouch
Who else is tired of that high ping? Feel free to post your experiences as well….

What is the ping? Is that the “ms” number that comes up beside your name when the match is loading? If so, what’s considered good and bad?

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Yes, depending on your region, anything above 70 is bad, 200 is mega bad

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Ohh ok, thanks. I’ll have to pay closer attention to it. What does having a high ping do that can negatively affect the game?

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It causes you to auto melee/slam, or your damage doesn’t register

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I once lagged so hard I exited out of my Ps4 I then proceeded to try and open my destiny 2 (early day destiny 2) and failed and got blue screened multiple times.

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It increases the lag for you in the match, it causes a higher delay between the action of the player and the reaction on the game.

As Predator with over 100 ping you can already feel the delay in your actions and since the best predator weapons are projectile based, the delay can affect whatever you hit or miss. Disk lags a lot while flying, its almost unplayable, bow crosshair already has its issues, when you add delay for the projectiles you can miss even if you aim right. Can also affect the tracking of the melee weapons on the game.

With something like 250 ping everything is painfull to do as Predator, even cloaking and switching vision modes lags, the plasma projectile feels like going in slow motion, its shit, its painfull to play, arrows are even worse. The game is a battle for which side can outdamage the other one first, if your weapons don’t work properly while the ones from the fireteam do you are kind of screwed.

As fireteam it doesn’t matter much, it doesn’t lag as much as Predator, and since you have hitscan weapons you can still hit the shots if you aim right. I never had problems sniping Predator with over 300 ping.

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What causes the ping to fluctuate from one match to the next? Is it rooted in the user’s internet connection or the server that the users device (PC/ Console) is talking to?

How far you are from the server you playing on is I guess. On the North American servers, people from that area will have low ping, people from far will have a higher one if they get into a match on those servers.


It’s both, your internet connection plus how far you are from your service tower can add up to a higher ping. The farther away you are the worse connection as more stuff will seem delayed and not up to date. The servers can also aid to this as if the servers can not properly go along with people’s internet correctly it can overall make your ping go higher than 120 regardless of having good internet. The best thing to do is to maximize your internet by getting better upgrades and faster internet and if you’re moving to your service tower closer to you. There is nothing you can do about the severs though as they just suck, in my opinion, is that you just move on to another game.


A lot of great info here and thanks to you all for explaining it. I’m on the east coast in the U.S.A. and I’ve never experienced any problems with lag that I’ve noticed. However, moving forward I will definitely pay more attention to what my average ping is to see how extreme it fluctuates.

id say 200 is where it gets wonky

i thought this game was peer to peer ?

I’m from potato island and my ping is nearly always 80-100 😭

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Ping is program used to test network connectivity to other computer.

ms = millisecond = 1/1000 of second (it take 130 ms for light to travel around the globe and you can’t send any information faster than that)

Number gives how many seconds it take to send packet (data) from your computer to remote and get response back to you (it is called RTT - Round Trip Time).

If game displays 200 ms, then it means it takes one fifth of second to send data to server and get response back. If you press fire button then it takes 100 ms for server to register you pressed the button. In case it would display 1000 ms, then it takes 1 second. So you can imagine you are shooting at place where your opponent stood half second ago. You can compensate it by aiming a bit in front of running opponent. Longer distance you are from server higher “ping” is. One factor is speed of light, that is why you have high ping to West Coast if you live in East Coast. Another factor are buffers on routers between your computer and server. Buffers are used because speed of lines between routers is not unlimited and sometimes your packet have to wait fraction of a second before it can be forwarded to next hop.

You can also notice “ping” number changes. It is called jitter. This is also caused by buffers. When there are lot of traffic your packets have to wait longer time sometimes. Jitter usually happen when lines are near their maximum capacity. It is bad for gaming because one second your ping is 5 ms and you aim almost exactly at place when your opponent stand at and another second it can be 100 ms and you are aiming where he was fraction of second before. You can’t simply adjust to that because you don’t know how far you need to shoot in front of running opponent because the delay (and therefore distance) vary each second.


Damn that was seriously informative. I read the whole thing and learned a lot.

For me, I have earned the moniker “RubberBandaman” as Ft bc I teleport around the fucking map, and sometimes end up dropping connection entirely, it’s partly my fault for having shit internet, but I’ve definitely noticed higher ping since the last two updates, higher than normal at least for me

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