Who tf is this guy?

Is this what the forums come to? This guy making some scam looking posts or what ever hes talking about…why are there more bots on everything…facebook. craigslist, car forums, predator forum, my phone… shits outta hand


its an illfonic forum full of toxic trolls so

fits well

Ok now seriously these guys hariicarlos and mopolo. Spammed up the posts with some gibberish shit

Google the phone number. i think its some weird ass virus they installed. By they I mean forum moderators. because who else has access to this anyway?

This is being used on several other forums non related to this one.

Its just probably a feature that runs a script automatically populating the forums with what ever junk they set it to have and later its just a means for them to target delete anything with such and such in the post all over the forum in any folder.

Like a moderator probably should be using it like a masspost systems for when they have a public announcement but can choose as many different categories as they want.

Its possible that since this has been used in different websites that this feature had been built in with very similiar junk default posts.
Or that its populated using the same algorithm to generate tags.

Ugh, tell me about it! Bots are literally everywhere these days, it’s like they’re taking over the internet. Can’t even scroll through without bumping into one. Super annoying!

It’s a wonder they and people like me haven’t been banned. I’m sure illfonic is working hard to update the game and fix bugs!

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Yet not one member of the team could be one of communication or moderator for this Forum is crazy. Even a elected member here could do better.

@TheSenate this bastard says he has mod permissions. i bet he’s behind this shit.!

He’s part of the dark side republic.
I may be the top dog but he plays by his own rules!

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Yea ruined everything. I sell and buy classic car parts on the net and have been almost scammed before my bank cought it. Then on my phone i literally gwt like 30-50 spam calls a day.

Wish i can see one of em on the street…

illfonic has been silent for over a month. (at least on this forum)

I hope they’re working on fixing the game instead of no communication, but looking back at what they’ve done so far, I don’t have high hopes for illfonic. No offense.

We can expect fixes for noticeable bugs and addition of paid DLC (Pred), but I don’t chinchink there will be anything beyond that.

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