This started as a video game but now it’s so much more. the RELATIONSHIPS we’ve FORGED IN STEEL shall reign ETERNAL. Who’s ready to follow me to the LAND? Come, take my hand. I shall lead you. You shall be born ANew in my image. Who’s ready? Who’s in? #GETSOME


You ain’t Charles Manson so I’m not interested.


Jim there is only one true God, the holy trinity of The Father, Son, & Holy Spirit, 3 in 1.



Shut the fuck up you stupid lame ass motherfucker.
Skip to the part where you drink poison.
Do the world a favor.

And nah, I ain’t joking.

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Wait a second, wasn’t he your champion, the chosen one?

Did you go full heretic on your champ?

The plot thickens.

The champ thing was a meme started by the melons.

But jim started saying some ignorant shit and it was getting played out so we were like nah you ain’t champ no more.

But jim and a few other ignorant fucks on here told me to kill myself, they weren’t joking, so I’m returning that energy back at them.

For context, this started simply because they don’t like how I talk.


He stopped being the champ months ago.

That’s fucked up.

He was never a champ to start with. 😂

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If I can be a lead apostel 🤣

We propped him up as the “champ” mainly to piss everyone off because as you know, people on this forum have very fragile egos and can’t stand when someone calls themselves the best let alone good. It was always for shits and giggles. Fast forward a few months, he goes off his rocker (more than usual) and so we revoke the title we gave him. He still hasn’t let it it go though so he does this.



One person told you to go kill yourself. Jim and I just liked it. Butt hurt about it? As if anyone here thinks you would actually kill yourself.
New to the internet?

Nice way to try and spin it that you’re the victim so you can continue to act like an asshole.

How many people you attempt to bully online a day with your bs? 👇🏻


Clutch you can join him sipping that poison.
Liking it is just as fucked up.

Cause that shit isn’t a joke.
What’s wrong, dont like that shit being thrown back at you?

Or did you not fucking realize that its serious with that moth guy?
Cause the motherfucker legitimately wants me dead.

For no other reason than he doesn’t like how I talk.

Which if you dont like me for that reason, it’s cool, and if it was typical shit talk it would be a different story.

But for you and some other ignorant fucks to like someone genuinely telling me to kill myself like it’s a joke?

Just shows you mother fuckers are pieces of shit.

I ain’t acting like a victim, I’m just saying what happened and returning that shit on to you.

So dont get so fucking defensive and try to act like I’m the bad guy here.

You didnt like my jokes?

Telling me to kill myself and being genuine about it?

You crossed the line mother fucker.

So if you cant take it, dont dish it then little bitch.

Poor misunderstood Fire. The biggest victim on the PHG forums.

Someone who’s tired of his repetitive you’re: lame, whack, worthless, piece of shit, trash— post. Told him to kill himself over the internet.

Let’s feel sympathetic for the depressed, miserable, sexually frustrated Fire for having to endure so much hate on the forums.

Im sorry so many people here dislike you and your negativity. I shouldn’t have liked that post about you killing yourself. So sorry.

Forgive me?


for knights flame we fight

There you go champ, fixed it for ya.

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Fires got a tyrannicwolf rant coming. He’s typing away. 12 straight minutes.

15 minutes tyrannic, I mean Fire.

If it’s more than 2 paragraphs I’m not reading it.


Oh cry fucking more about it.

Wah you call the dumb stupid boring shit I like lame, it hurt my feelings waaaaah.

That’s all you boil down to.

Yeah, I think the shits lame, so what?
You really gonna take it to a level it didn’t need to just cause I dont like something?

And you have the audacity to try to paint me as the bad guy?

Fuck outa here.

You can keep seeing it however you want.
But that warped perception keep twisting shit into fabrications.

It’s not about feeling sorry for me.
Its about not crossing a severely fucked up line and taking it to a level that I never did.

I showed you motherfuckers respect, the least you can do is return that level of respect.

Il say it again clutch.

Dont like how I talk.
That’s fine.

Dont like my jokes.
Ok, it’s not for you, not your taste.

But when you start going to wanting me dead for such a stupid petty reason, you’ve gone waaaay too far.

So of course I’m going to return the shit you throw at me back at you.

I know you’re on the slow slide clutch, and I try not to poke fun about it out of respect.

But let’s get something clear.

You, especially you, cant even tell when I’m serious or joking.

So if you cant even read me, how about dont jump to conclusions, and take a sec to try and see, or even ask where I’m coming from or actually saying.

Cause in not the way you try to paint me.

That’s what pisses me off.

Is that over your warped perception you wanna take it to a level it doesn’t need to go to.

Like boo hoo my guy.
You dont like me. Fucking fascinating.
I dont really like you either.

You’re a lame ass mother fucker who has no sense of humor, cant keep up with a joke, and loves to try roasting people even tho you aren’t clever enough to come up with something good.

The cell tech shit?
Fucking lame as hell.

And what kind of fucking loser makes multiple accounts for this forum?

And I’m the pathetic one?

You’re a dumb ass clown.

Want me to not call you lame?
Then stop being fucking lame.

Not surprising I’m surprised your stupid ass can even read dumb fuck.