Who's still here?

I feel like I might be banned for something that I don’t know about

Kass I leave you alone and stick to off-topic, you leave me alone no?

So who’s here still?

I think I saw Fire and Yautja in here



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Such a sad realisation when you read that…and realise that you are still here…😖

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Dues vult forever.

So what’s been happening?

What’s bannable now?

How much worse has the game gotten?

OK your new Pic is Cursed and I hate it. Thanks for the nightmares.


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Lmao I don’t understand what you all are doing to get banned, I’ve said my fair shit of things and still here. Wtf y’all saying 🤣

I left entirely. I came back after finding a link on an old phone.

No ban here…

Since the last time I left…

im still here

maintaining memes and shit

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mystery. idk ask rey.

I think there’s a hitlist after she misses megathreads on weekends

It’s funny bc they’re peaceful/dead by the time she comes back a day later and they still get locked & then there’s a bounty on everyone. Zooms around the following couple days trying to get ppl on random unrelated minor crimes like “spam” because al capone must be brought to justice ban quota.


I’ve hired an armed cat to protect this post from disappearing under mysterious circumstances.



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i basically just lurk honestly unless something really triggers me at this point i recognize that the game is in a “finished” state as far as illfonic is concerned where some content will be released still but it will always be nothing more than a character class release

sadly we know cause it all leaked what it is and none of it interests me

oh and she bans necro threads in feedback now so if you rez a thread that is prior to the current patch you can get banned even if it’s still applicable to the current patch


Illfonic is Bae and PHG is a perfect game

No one has or will be banned for necro. The thread may be closed if it’s no longer applicable to the current patch.

I’m still here, big as life and equally disappointing! Just ask my wife!


I’ve got your back , homie…




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