Why do people have such hatred towards PS players? Just why?

Can comebody explain to me why?

Because PC master race.

Honestly I don’t know. I’ve seen videos of and had person encounters with some fucking scary PS players on both Pred and FT side, I can’t imagine why there’s a level of hatred there. There’s crazy skilled people on both sides, and we’ll see it again when it comes to Xbox.

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I seen more of opposite

when you’re the only PC player on a PS potatoe squad, PC ft member ends up saving the day.
No hate there.


You occasionally see some PC Players get pissed off if they lose to a good PS Player but other than that I don’t really see much of PC Players hating on PS Players for the sake of it.

Besides assuming all of them or 99% of them are potatoes, you don’t tend to see much “prejudice” I suppose you could say against PS Players.

At least in my experience anyway as a PS player.

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I can honestly pretend to say that its true that a full PS FT squad against a novice PS predator is a pretty darn slow but intense fight.

Its casual at first, but when they get better they do dish out a match pretty fast.

What PC hating on them has to do with PC master race?

Well I’d imagine so. I don’t tend to watch more casual players’ gameplay.

Generally from what I’ve seen, if all the players in the match are of a similar skill bracket/level then it shouldn’t be too much of a one-sided match.

Unless we talk about the higher levels where the Fireteam is obviously better off in general due to the lack of balancing ofc.

When you’re loaded into a team of 3 casual random PS players against a decent Predator, the match can be alright when you are the one primarily dealing the damage to the Predator and well “carrying” them as such though.

Like…you see that if you YOU as a single PC FT player is asked to do more than what others are doing…that means

  1. taking on the duty of scoping trees,
  2. throwing out med kits when you have them as a medic
  3. reviving PS players
  4. …and the list goes on…

a 4 PS player squad might NEVER NEVER EVER EVER in GODS GREEN PETER PAN SYNDROME will ever make anything right…then you know 1 single PC player is their ONLY SAVIOR to get them another chance on the 1 time only reinforcements call. So leave it to that one PC player to bring them back to only get them killed 3 seconds after they come back.
So what can you say? At least there is more canon fodder left so that you as a PC player can get to that CHOPPER and win that game. am i wrong?

Jebuz fucking christ, its like that one PC player is like fucking running the show.

I get where you’re coming from. I have to do the same with potatoes myself pretty much every game. I’m also a PS Player though so it’s not like they can’t just get better over time.

I thought that was possible. i mean like with everything in their arsenal and their understanding of what to do like PARRY. and TEAM WORK. Like i do recall there were times that PS players were armed to the teeth. But even with a Stealth Reveal like spotting(which PS players NEVER DO) or that 'thing of a bomb" that renders the predator invisibility to expose, that players might get a clue. Is it not the case? Do humans not actually undertand this? Or am i mistaken that PS players aren’t human at all and can’t learn?

Some people are just stupid.
I see potatoes on PC too who do the same things as PS potatoes.

Some people learn and get better, some people don’t. It just depends.

Not every PS Player is a potato though.

well far more than PC players are.thats for sure

Probably because there are more PS Players than PC players overall on the game but yes.

That’s cuz its a pain in the ass. I have to either click in the stick, which fucks up my aim, or reach over and hit the D-pad. PC players can just spam E. While skill level can be up for debate between the two, PC has it much, much easier when it comes to control.

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Why can’t we all just get along ffs? Xbox, PC, PS brothers from another mothers?

yes because a controller has 12 buttons and keyboard has 72

What happened to @LukeSkywalker3 ??? he had more to say than you.prick!

17, actually, if its PS5.

Doesn’t matter if they’re a well oiled machine, I’ve seen people on ps out perform pc players, it’s the player and not the platform in most cases however pc does have more potential of the two meanwhile many do not even reach that point to even split hairs