Why does this game feel like it’s dying?

Tell me about it! Maybe we should form a middle-aged predators group. Definitely with a better name than that… sounds off!

Silverbacks, maybe?


I’ve still got 12 years until official middle-agedhood, but you’re right, I’m an old gamer.

I like silverback clan if we can’t think of something better.


Wait, what’s the official starting point now? Maybe I’m not quite there yet…

45 to 65 according to the Google.

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Oh man, I’m still a spring chicken then. All the white hairs I’ve been sprouting since fatherhood twice over and the pandemic during the second say otherwise though…

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Ur right the older humans get the more depressed and disconnected they feel like… usually people who dont see the point in having ur own marriage and kids will be like more dead the older they get as they stop seeing the point… then they become very lonely and if you try to reach them they become very aggresive… so we are much like animals lmao… our insticts are at least.

So yeh ur right… plus not only can you feel bad about that but your gaming inspiration and will for gaming can die out if you just lose hope and intrest in playing games just cause devs stopped making actually good games. And they come out every year or so

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For the record, I’m really enjoying the game!

Well, I’m an outlier then. It has been the other way around in my case until now, but I’m also “only” 44 so the risk of becomming a grumpy old man is still there (when I retire maybe).


idk man i just know a lot of people now are against marriage, kids… and tend to go for being alone and chase careers

I don’t

Really. When did you start noticing this?

Bearded Elders

Statistically, in the western societies, the general trend in terms of kids, marriage and kids - as effect of life style choices.
But I think being depressed, disconnected and agressive has more to do with someone having expectations towards themselves and the world around them that they feel are not met. Having their mind stay in that void of unfurfilled expectations becomes a vicious circle dragging them down as it drains their energies and takes a toll on the nature of relationships towards the people in the world around them. So not necessarily because you did not have kids or got married - there are several other bumps in life that could lead you down a dark road.

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Yeah idk why society is going that path really…

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Well all the time I thought it was my connection but it’s all the way up so that’s why people know I switch from time to time because I don’t want to wait I play this game for example

Well, you could have a great career writing books and giving lectures to business people and politicians if you did :-)
The only thing constant in this world is change.

Already got my careers offered from being a

  • professional handball player
  • professional music producer

And i would have been rich for life if i took either one of them…

But i decided to be a community manager… so meh hopefully it pays off… already aquired a gfuel sponsors

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I’m getting the same vibe from this as the classic " so when did you stop beating your wife?" … You’re kind of putting the cart before the horse with this one aren’t you?

Lack of new content. Maps, weapons, traps, missions, characters like Harrigan, Poncho, Royce, Isabelle, lack af a real strategic hunting gameplay.
Lack of stats boards where you can see who dealt more damage, trophies taken, masks taken, bombs defused, etc… like weekly and all-time.
Lack of more levels than the actual max of 150, or after the level 150 you get 1 field locker for each 1000 XP earned.
Lack of more daily and weekly challenges.
@Courier @OldKingHamlet @IllFonic please take note of this. This is some of what we need to keep the game going… And, of course, the bugs and glitches fixed.

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I believe that the Game is Dying for the Lack of Content that the Game Offers.
In a Game Year, we have Only 5 Maps, 2 Game Modes, and if we are going to count how much Content has been added in the DLC’s, the Disappointment is Very Big.
And the worst part is that no matter how much we ask Illfonic to add things to the Game, it seems that they already have a very clear idea of ​​what will be added to the Game.
Making everything more limited.
At least, to compensate, since the Game Launch, we have already had several Improvements and Fixes in Gameplay in General.
But this question of content, and really significant changes, no longer arouses the desire to Play the Game with Several Hours of Gameplay.