Why don't they want this too?


With Aliens FTE showcasing how synthetics are the “bots” when you don’t have a full squad, how come the IP holders at Alien(s), are willing to provide the fans this type of “fan service”?

Meanwhile the IP holders that are holding the “Predator” IP have single handedly shortchanged their return on their investment. The game STILL needs TLC even after an entire year and a half (almost).

Just seems odd witnessing a studio be able to give the fans, things they didn’t really ask for, but are still awesome.

While PHG studio literally is falling victim to a corporate schedule and causing them to struggling to deliver the “Predator” game we can put up with.

Can we actually get the people truly involved with these decision making processes?



I think it has less to do with the IP holder and more to do with Illfonic concentrating their resources on THEIR IP

We won’t be able to find that answer out. Ever.

Probably 2% of us are legit game developers on this forum.

It’s soooo easy to just assume negative shit and say they used the funds to fund their new game.

I’m sure if they had more pull on an IP like “Predator”, they would.

So my question now is who do we talk to to make them wake up and smell the coffee and give the devs the creative control they and we all deserve.

Aliens FTE devs literally just checked off on every box, this game didn’t hit and are REAPING the benefits from that.

It’s just insane to be sitting back and watching this…

I don’t think the alarm bells are going off over at Illfonic because this game was never intended to be a killer APP

Only to turn a profit

Which it has done and continues to do (assuming)

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Fuck Dutch, Mr.Black, OWFL TAPES and everything…nobody asked for it! FUCK YOU!!! SUE THEM!!!
Is this the response you were asking for Mr. Elliott626. Incredibly well written. but utimately you seem like you are forgetting everything they gave us. … Because we asked for City maps and snowy locales!

They should have removed all the jungle and gave us and add new york city and all their commercial office buildings with the notortious dumpster parking lots full of places to ambush the pred next to the place where people are smoking crack. sounds like an incredible payback for all the money we dumped on them. Fuck their …free update shit. right, RIGHT?

For all dems diamonds they made from the profits from this game they should buy me a house in syria with my gang of islamic fundamentalists and not to mention whores…tons of whores.

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I just want more enemy variety.

Like an attack helicopter, or a captain that calls in drone strikes, maybe the drones actually having a gun, or perhaps a Predator hound. Maybe a mutant that spawns in on occasion. How about an APC that spawns only PMC squads until the truck is destroyed encouraging stealth play. How about a brainwashed Predator with a rifle that can follow you around the map given the actual A.I can do this.

And as to that last part, they can. They can track the player once they noticed you and I have no idea why this didn’t lead to a stalker-like enemy type. Like they keep talking about hybrid weapons. That’d have been a cool explanation for the Predator killer. All that tech has been used to create an assassin enemy type that can hound the player camp to camp using Pred-gear. They can throw grenades, they have a sniper rifle, they can melee, why is this not a thing ILLFONIC.

I’m sorry what?

because its a short pve game with the same missions so they can spend half the development time on player bots when the game will be dead in 3 months like colonial marines

Each mission lasts 15 minutes, you get 4 “campaigns” each with 4 missions, so you’ll get a total gameplay time of 4 hours.
Ten dollars per hour long campaign. I would hope they managed to make bots stand at the end of a hallway and shoot after taking longer than a year to shit out this corridor shooter world war Z clone.
They literally would’ve been better off making one of those alien games you see at arcades.

At this point, I think a singleplayer mode is only likely to emerge when the game is in its twilight phase, for two reasons:

  1. creating AI that is sophisticated enough to carry a singleplayer mode takes substantially more time than the fodder we have in the game right now, doubly so if they’re going to have an AI predator, and;

  2. introducing a singleplayer mode will inevitably cannibalise player numbers from the online mode to some extent, leading to a increase in “this G4ame is DED”-type hysteria on the forums and probably a decline in sales.

So I’d be expecting it to come out around the same time or together with private server support, when Illfonic is winding up active support and development before moving onto other projects completely.

To be honest I think you’re the only one clamouring for them to be a DLC, though I’d be interested to see what weapons/perks they’d come with.




Tender, loving, care. XD