Why fireteam shouts all they does even when alone?

Recon, scout, they shouts all they does even when friends are dead. If Ai doesnt give your position, its you.

This ain’t a bug.
Not a problem.

Yeah, the automatic voice lines are really dumb…
But since the Predator has those clicking noises, it’s fair…


It is a bug, no one shouts alone at jungle those lines when predator and enemy surrounded, think about it.

It’s not a bug if it’s working as intended by the developers.

Stupid? Yes
Bug? No


You could always write it off as commenting to Zeus over live comms (still no need to shout, but it’s something at least). Speaking of which, wouldn’t it be cool if your character starts to lose it once the rest of the team is downed? They could start muttering and shouting stuff ala Mac in the movie. The Dutches would be immune to this, of course.

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Even if your character ain’t yelling out “MUDDING UP!” or “THEY’RE NEVER GONNA SEE ME COMING!” won’t change the fact that the FT just like the pred is noisy as all hell. If you mud up the pred will hear the sloshing of the mud, if you sprint it can hear you, same with reloading.


All those things would be heard no matter what

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It’s not a bug.

I know that’s what I’m saying, that even if the FT didn’t shout at the top of their lungs to anyone within earshot of their super stealthy tactics they’re still super fucking loud in their actions so much so that the pred can hear them regardless. This game has no room for stealth on either side.


It is bug, if its mechanic which isnt expected. Imagine how this would ruin Hitman game series “hey all, i am gonna assasinate now, hehehe, no one knows!!!”

Look man.
I’m not interested in arguing this with you.
It’s not a bug.

@moralez Said it perfectly.
Pre makes a lot of noise, so to balance it out, ft does as well.

It’s not a bug.
Just let it fucking go.

Should it change?
For both sides maybe.

Seriously enough.

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This isn’t a stealth game its an arena shooter

Because they have to shout


Let it all out

These are the things they can do without

Come on

I’m talking to you!


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