Why new users can't put links in posts ?


I’m on PS4.
Could you please tell me why new users can’t put links in posts, and when they will be able to do it ?
As I would like to put some picts and videos to illustrate bugs…

You have to make a few more posts before it’s allowed. I think it’s to deter marketing companies/ etc from joining just to spam business advertising.


By the way, welcome to the forum! 👍🏻


Thanks !
Do you know the number of posts I need ?

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I’m not sure. Just browse the forums and get in on a conversation and you’ll be good to post in no time.


James Cameron will remove the block for you my son.

Would you be a god?
And then “my son”, “my son” … I bet I could be your father …

I’m going to do it just to rub it in.

You should be able to post links now

quick, start advertising OP

Here we go !
Distinguished Thanks Lady Kassinailla

James Cameron has no father. James Cameron willed himself into existence to save humanity.

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Who would advertise on a dead games dead forum? , except maybe a mortuary 😆

As for op , there is maybe a limit to reach before being able to

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James Cameron has a big heart.

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Why not

Why not