Will i Win Using The Worst Loadout In The Game!?


That was an intense game
You did pretty good

worst loadout in game my ass

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Yeah it’s is a pretty good loadout as log as you’ve got the ammo for it, and take your time with the rockets

sad grimtech noises

Worst loadout
Scout (no specs) no primary(use qr4 as stand in) and grimteck with suppressor
No gear or perk

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I want to see a full squad play against predators like that

Makes sense

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Dante, the strongest overall character. Unleashed with rockets and with ammo bags and bane for to maxed out damage potential, and heavy hitter with bane for maximum damage melee. This is so far from the worst build, it’s click bait worthy.

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Yeah. Or scout with the D34-D grenade launcher and minigun, and, if you have to use perks, gear, and specializations then liberator, ammo, flash grenades, efficient, shuffler, and sludge blood.