Will the jungle hunter 87 class be unlockable?

I sadly didnt pre order the game due to hesitation and lack faith, but so far I really enjoy it.
Will you guys make him obtainable through leveling up?

you not missing anything other then a mask

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Nah, they specified preorder exclusive. He’s also just the hunter class, so you aren’t missing out on another class.


Anything is possible in the future.
I can’t see a company saying no to all the money people want to give them for a DLC skin.

I hope so. I know it seems silly but I’m a huge fan and I’d love to have the skin. Be willing to pay a premium for it too. I didn’t preorder because the beta looked…pretty janky. But then it came out and I thought what the hell, and turns out it’s great…or it will be when the iron a few things out lol.

They never gave out Savini Jason, and still haven’t. I highly doubt we ever see another Jungle Hunter release. Unless it’s a PS5 reward for purchasing that version or for owning the PS4 version.

Well that was due to licensing issues wasn’t it?

No, he was a preorder exclusive. So, they never gave him out. The lawsuit has nothing to do with the game itself. It’s the whole franchise, they can’t even make Neca figures or movies.

PissedOffJedi slowly grooms his '87 Predator mask. Squirts a little 409 on it. Ee-oot. Ee-oot.

I hope he will be obtainble at a certain level. As much as I love the desgins of the other predators, HE is the original. His design is one of the few Ilike. I didn’t like any else that came after predator 2. Everything else looked either overly stylized or too bulky. In my opinion.

jungle hunter 87 class free in august update



They’ve said countless times it ain’t happening. Stop rezzing dead threads.


Yes, they’re going to make it available again soon.


At 150 you unlock the Elder Class, you buy the Predator Pack DLC you get the one from the third Predator movie Predators, there is literally no difference

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Ture if you can get the jungle hunter mask put it on the capture predator looks the same

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Oh Jungle Hunter has a pretty necklace but it’s unlike the Elders but capture has neither, guess those super preds strip him of it I guess