Window 7 vs Windows 10 Graphics settings and FPS dips.

After taking some time to play this on Windows 10 after playing it on Windows7.

As you may or maynot know, Windows 10 uses DX12 exclusively and no chance of going back to Dx11, where as Windows 7 does Dx11 and below. I wanted to check it out and compare the two but i had to give up using Windows 7 entirely for convenience reasons, i’m now sticking to Windows 10.
I’m not even going to chance Windows 11 right now as that stuff just came out a few months ago.

On Win10,I can say that there are moments when there are extreme FPS drops while coming into contact with people in the actionable radius of firepower or just jumping around. Compared to Window 7 where there was no FPS lag at all! But it was stuck at 40-50ish FPS.
If ever you get the chance to play this on Windows 7, rx480 sapphire, do so on a earlier Graphics driver and have fun. It was tthe shit!

Comparitively though idle moments, windows 10 handles high resolution very well where Windows 7 will tank in FPS going resolutions above 1400x800 but W7 had a weird scaling algorithm when you drag scaled the window and kept it at 1400x800.

Ive still yet to compare the actual Graphic settings, so if yall will indulge me i will need to think hard about what I was using previously.

So after tonights test, Windows 10 AntiAliasing Quality at MED (as apposed to HIGH) gives an equal match as to what i was using on Windows 7 . There is little to no FPS lag where EveryTHING on the windows 10 machine is set to MED. Please try this folks if you want your FPS drop to cease.

At fullscreen 4k the FPS on the main menu dips to like 25or 20 fps. But is consistent. I won’t play at this size ingame but it does look nice.

I believe I was probably using all HIGH settings on Windows 7 with very little lag, but I think the visuals had a moderate quality loss. One thing is certain Windows 7 doesn’t have the smooth transparencies ever not even at the highest settings. Where as, Windows10 can produce smooth transparent foliage even at MED.

No biggy. I’m still tinkering.

Played on windows 10 myself and I never noticed any FPS drops.
I’m not playing on windows 11 and it’s even smoother now then it was on windows 10.
Though the 10 was on a notebook and the 11 is on a higher rig gaming pc.

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I was interested in your comparison of FPS drops between Win7 and Win10.

Here are my observations. When it comes to graphics settings and FPS dips, there are a few key differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10 that may impact your gaming experience. Windows 7 supports DirectX 11, while Windows 10 supports DirectX 12. DirectX 12 offers improved performance and lower overhead, which can result in better FPS in games that support it.

But this game does not support Dx12

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