Wolf predator?

Justice wasn’t their objective, more people were realising it was over a year since anything movie related was added , in their own little bubble they probably think it will justify the rest of the cosplay crap they will churn out .

They probably seen fortnite drop random looking skins and didn’t realise fortnite isn’t based around an IP that has source material people might expect to see. The first three months had jh , dutch , city hunter and elder .

In my view they dropped those first to get fans of the IP invested and then blueballed the fans to then drop a mask and not even the body 😁.

“But the lawsuit” , ok , so they were told “you can put the mask in , dont you dare put in the whole character” . Then isabelle drops , so could they or couldn’t they use material from other movies? Or did they hold out to keep people hoping and hanging around .

Or maybe , they had better things to do (another game) 🤫

modern game development to a T

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Lol I didn’t think the devs cared abt us

Wait you guys are serious about cowboy pred 😑 i thought anutime I saw that it was just a joke

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I’m a Gnome sonny! Nothing I say is serious

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They can pull from Predator, Predator 2, Predators and The Predator

And presumably Skulls

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For once you agree with me 👍🏻

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I need to get this framed and hang it on my wall 🤗

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