This thread is for the entire community to participate in while we all grind it out in PHG trying to level up, or wait for the next DLC.

Here are some word games we all can play and keep it going:

  1. Marry, Kiss, Kill
  2. Who would you rather…
  3. Guess the lyric/line/quote (pls try not to use Google lol)

Guess who said this lyric

“girl I turn that thing into a rainforest. Rain on my head, call that brainstorming”


Would you rather play against 4 pc sniper sweats or kick a brick wall with a toothpick under your toe nail

Would you rather… Make out with predator or an alien? ;3

I would make out with a Female Predator


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Kreygasm… same…

Definitely play a 4 man PC sniper team

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Hard call.


why not both ;)


Eeeeyyy there we go xD

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Damn they both look odee bad

I’ll go with the Female Pred though she got that cake dawgs


But that xeno got some nice lips tho

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Fo real plus Xenos got 2 mouths

Makes you wonder “damn what that mouth do?”


Come on now we dont wanna get banned for being NSFW XD…

But again ill rather date a predator cause predator is generally a civilization that is loyal and shit… but imagine if ur gf’s dad is like an ancient pred that used to be an elder hunter… xD

Nah this is pretty tame.
This games for adults anyway.

Shiiiit no biggie for me. Il be like, if I gotta hunt to be with your daughter, then lead me to my prey.
I ain’t no bitch tho.

I’d kill all the prey erewhere. Get all the predasluts. XD

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Lol you knock on his door to take her daughter out and he opens the door already holding his Combi Stick and is wearing a chain of human skulls that use to be his daughter’s ex boyfriends

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Hahahahahahahahahaha oh fk my lungs xD… thx for the laughs lmfao

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Who would you rather chill with on a weekend SpongeBob and Patrick or The Minions from Despicable Me

Who would you rather preach to you about the end of days Henry Cain (The Poltergeist) or Ebony Maw (Marvel)