Would you sleep in this bed?

  • Yes
  • No

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I gave my Haunter an everstone so no.

I also prefer Haunter over Gastly.
Haven’t played many Pokemon games since Black and White, and even then I barely played it

Why’s that guy sleeping in a suit


You know that’s a really good question. Here I was thinking this is just downright impractical and uncomfortable for a bed but completely ignored a guy dressed in a business suit lying down on it like a robot.


No, it’s very practical …for cutting off your oxygen intake. I don’t have that problem as I am a droid, but I would imagine it would be somewhat dangerous for you organics. Gonk Gonk, Gonk Gonk Gonk, Gonk!

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No, but I’d sure sleep in this one!


Yes, I would like to sleep in that bed.
But a cuttlefish bed would be better :)

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If I had a cat and was into pokemons I would get it for my cat

Yes a cuttlefish bed would be much better, thanks to the cuttlefish’s ability to change texture it can be one of them smart mattresses.

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I think it’s because Japan is trying to market it towards over worked business men. So they can nap at work to then wake up to get right back to work.


Well if you ever needed an idea that’ll crash and burn then this is it but you never know, people will will always buy stupid shit.

Would be kind of sad tbh if this is truly its purpose, sleep work, work, sleep work.

That’s a lot Japanese businesses for you

They don’t allow them to sleep

More like they’re not allowed to take extended breaks

Should of been gmax Gengar still want it though.


Its mouth is a portal to the afterlife

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You degenerate.

Yahaha you found me! poofs

You get back here!