Wrist blade instead of a bow shot and other bugs

Devs, pls for the love of god fix the bloody predator bugs that outright make them lose so many games! Damn wristblade bug that prevents you from shooting ur bow, even tho you are clearly pressed the aim button and then shoot button. It has cost me so many matches and the worst is that this bug happens every single game! Then there is another bug that locks you out and prevents you from being able to use any other weapon except wristblades and the last selected weapon. The small rocks and branches on the ground preventing the predator from jumping and instead launching him up in the air or in the opposite direction is very annoying, that same bs sometimes will make you run in place and get easily shot by FT. Make some kind of ping prioritization for the predator. Make it so that its the predator who has lowest ping since he is the one who gets hammered by terrible connection the most. Just fix the bloody bugs in general, these have been in the game for far too long!