Wrist Launcher Idea

Wrist Launcher in it’s current state is considered one of the meme weapons. Not useful, rarely taken and not taken seriously.

Some have suggested buffing it damage but I have an idea that will make it a great utility weapon.

Increase it’s duration significantly. Let’s say 15 or 20 seconds (hypothetical not saying it is what it should be).
A FT member hit by it immediately loses mud cover and begins to burn. FT member can remove the dot by mudding up again. Forcing him and team to stop to watch over him or forcing separation.

Lastly the damage increases over time (fire spreads, the more time it has to spread the more damage it does)

So the initial dot will hit little by little like it does currently but the closer you get to that end duration (15 secs 20secs whatever it is) the more damage it does.

Does this make sense?


I use it for stealth kills

Or when they are covered in blood because they go down in one hit

I think it’s speed should be increased

Also it should create sparks and a blinding effect


I’d say just increase the hit damage and remove burning altogether, make it explode like a grenade. Its tied to burning and I’m no programmer but I imagine they’d have to then separate rocket burn from normal map fire burn, and let’s face it that’s too much work lol

It’s terribly useless as is though. I only use it for when I know I can fuck around, which is increasingly rare.

I had an idea of adding a AOE denial gear item that requires fire to activate so you would need to use both that and the wrist launcher for affective use

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I’m not trying to piss in anyone’s cheeriosand I’m usually all for exchanging ideas, but why is it whenever I or just anyone posts a feedback idea people respond with their own ideas without addressing what is in the OP…

Yeah honestly it’s a really good idea to make the launcher viable as it essentially turns it into a pseudo crowd control tool where the ft member has to decide wether he is going to take the say 90 damage it deals or stun himself for however long it takes to mud up which idealy all gear items should either be a form of CC or a way to shift ft attention away from the predator in some way or just straight up temporary stat buffs like some kind of steroid

Regardless good idea


Thank you Kameo. That is exactly my thoughts. Which is why I don’t agree with the people who just want it’s damage buffed.

The game needs more ways to force decisions and responses. Just changing damage values on anything is a bland and boring fix.

What are some ways you would improve upon this idea or upon the wrist launcher in general?

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You think they should take an increasing amount of dmg for 20 seconds forcing them to choose between mudding up to stop the damage or defend themselves?

the only 2 things i could think of was
idea #1 was to just give predator a designated button for gear like FT has so at least all gear could be used considerably faster and while another weapon was equipped this way gear like the wrist launcher could just be used in place of a ranged weapon to supplement melee weapons like the War club for example as the Fire effect can impede vision in some (trivial) ways wihch in turn this would improve the effectiveness of all gear items current and future

idea #2 would be something like when the fire effect of the wrist launcher is applied to the FT say it lasts 10 seconds the predator either deals more or takes less damage from that guy and make it on impact have a disorient effect like the club and hammer has now

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I don’t understand your question.

As an example:
DPS: 1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,5,5,5= 45 total damage over 15 seconds. Not enough to be op, but enough to force a decision. To either mud up or risk the damage. Also as a means to prevent the Predator from spamming it on one guy it will not stack only reset the dot. So it would promote spare usage and hitting multiple ft member in close succession.

That would actually be a good addition to my idea. It provides massive utility with a bit of damage that would not be too great or too little.

Wrist Launcher needs a poll. Usefull, Not Usefull, kind of fun but more useless than anything.
My thoughts: It should have a scorch radius that gives a little dmg. Fire splash damage should exist, i’m not sure it does but it should be evident if it hits the ground around them that there would be a bigger chance for it to light them on fire. Currently, it is basically a sparkler like a fireworks sparkler. It generally looks weak but if they are caught in it is annoying, but not entirely fatal (which i don’t mind- the main dmg i have no issue with).

Either increase damage to players by making it percentile based dmg or something based on their max hp (so its better against tanks) or

Make downed burning players unrevivable until they stop burning and now it serves a purpose.

And players on fire cant syringe. Should make wrist launcher into a wristblade hit finish off that supp thinking its safe to save his syringe and run around at half hp.


Give pred something for downed players besides suicide claiming zzz the health pool is huge zzzz FM is insane zzzzzz tired of watching people revive 3 times back to back and having to farm downs zzzz

You can stealth kill with the wrist launcher???


They instantly die

No special animation though

Ah, I see


Buff the wrist launcher!