WTF is with the popping lag today!?

Is any one else experience a shit ton of lag? Holy shit! Its like god forbid I make a video some might think the game is fucked up! I can’t last 10 seconds without it going into a shitstorm lagfest!

1/4 of my guys are bailing too! But that could just be the normal rage quitting. LOL!

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Well they added new masks and everytime they add something they break something else

Should be back to normal ish soon

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Yeah and non of them are using them at the time!

Still fundamental changes to the games code

If it wasn’t lag between 130 and 500 pings it’s people randomly dropping off halfway through the match and leaving some poor bastard by himself

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The Masks have been there since the last patch-so its not like we downloaded anything new! The lag was prominant yestarday evening too.

At least i can try to finish my weekly.,