XP Boosters?!

It would be great to see XP boosters available to purchase. I just recently purchased PHG on Steam since there was NO damn way to even send messages to users on Epic Games so moving over to Steam sends me back to Level 0 and having to buy all the DLC’s again was FUN :) but at least I can send messages or invite friends into party chat

If Illfonic could give us XP boosters, please make them as

1 Hour Booster
2 Hour Booster
3 Hour Booster

Why the hell one would want an XP booster?
This game is so easy to level up. Specially in the lower levels.

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You literally have a perk that gives you xp, you can literally get xp easy by doing the following

  • Catch Preds
  • Spot Anything and get XP
  • kill the A.I
  • doing objectives not ducking around the map searching for the Predator

Ugh git gud son

No perk for the Predator, only for Fireteam

This game is NOT a Predator simulator.

It is an asymmetrical multiplayer.

The FT have 30% exp boosts to help Predator queues stay down.

People who just play one side of this game are like people who never want to be “it” in tag.

Gotta play both sides to reap full benefit of the game.


It’s called resourceful 🙄

There are 3 known actual XP Boosters, all 2x XP for 24 Hours.

2 were given out for Digital Deluxe Editions, I’m not sure if Steam even has a Digital Deluxe, and then there was the 1 given to Digital Deluxe Owners shortly after Launch.

If you actually want to get XP, fast you can friend me on Epic and we can go over the optimal methods.

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Yes there is, look again.

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Well! Fair enough. I had forgotten there was an XP resource perk for the Predator

It would be however great to still have XP Boosters so that users can get up to 150+ for those low levels like myself

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Here’s a tip

Find a better game

I’ve literally ranked to lvl 150 in 48h after o boight this game.

There’s 24h double XP booster for Deluxe version of the game.

Here’s a tip! GET FUCKED

Because I recommended you don’t make the same mistake all of here has made and don’t waste your time playing this piece of shit?

I’m trying to help you. This hame has nothing to offer

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This hame

Also this game is bugged like crazy and playing it will drive you insane if the wait times don’t get you lol