Yautja Bane rework

Okay lets start this off by saying that this is gonna change the game drastically for meta plyers.

A rework to one if not the most powerful perk in the game.

So first lets say I think Bane should only apply to your primary weapon. No knifes or nades or under-barrel attachments. Just the primary weapon ammunition to be more specific.

This will force the trigger control and less blind firing.

I feel this will change the game for the better

I say get rid of it, same with down range and fearless

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Don’t forget heavy hitter lol. But yeah I feel like that would make the game bwttertbh

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All damage perks should be exterminated



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Everything that increases damage without a drawback should be reworked or removed.


How about just delete flat dmg and flat defensive perks because that isn’t what a perk is nor is it gameplay altering

Just a stat check


Illfonic the people have spoken remove the damage perks
cricket noises
Oh wait it’s illfonic


Except bane is only broken on primary weapons. So this would fix nothing

Maybe put dmg scaling that depend on count of living survivors
4 surv - 2%
3 surv - 4%
2 surv - 6%
1 surv - 10-15%


I like this idea.

Really just comes down to what the lead dev wants and clearly he loves his stat checks


Well what do you expect from a x csgo pro player

Just get rid of bane completely. No use for it if its a 4v1game

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