Yautja Blood and what it dose

Early life

Hunter was a sickly child, I knew it even then. He could never have survived but for the blood.


  • Gideon starts to age incredibly fast with a short period time and explains to the shocked reporter/journalist that he needs fresh Predator organs, all evidence points towards the heart of a Predator, as his transplants can only stave off old age for so long and that over the centuries, he had hired men to obtain him these Predator body parts no matter what. After a quick surgery. Gideon quickly recovers and leads the hunt in an effort to find the Predators and secure their bodies, dead or alive.

  • And from Dutch’s Audio Tapes, the blood can slow the aging process

See it can’t make you a hybrid being a total “Predator hunter killer” (see what I did there lol)

it can make you a hybrid if you give yourself enough general DNA i think

like, a BUUUUNCH of DNA

also, since hunter borgia was exposed to it at an extremely early age, it probably had more of an impactful effect

The stuff Dutch was injected with literally changed his geans

also, i found it kind of funny how the thread still has the “Early Life” bit from hunter borgia’s wiki article

I tried to not get it 😑

No then you just be a Predator

its ok lol

i dont think if i pump myself full of crocodile DNA i’ll become a crocodile

Don’t start talking about genetics, the community hates it cuz it relates to the 2018 Pred movie lol

Ever see that movie with the guy getting animal organs lol


I hate that bit in the movie so much I keep mentally blocking it, but then I’m reminded it was in the movie
So I’ll be forgetting it now thank you

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Yes I have

The movie?


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