Yautja RP. a D&D style game

Hello fellow fans!
I am an inspired fan and young blooded programmer. I have a text based Yautja RP on discord and am looking to have a GUI based game sometime in 2023.

I have programed elements of D&D into it so far yet would like to grow the game into the big times.
I use Python/JASON programing and have several modules I am reweighting into GUIs.

Any ‘serious’ thoughts are welcome
Any who wish to check me out on Discord just ask. I’ll be glad to send you a link.


I admire your passion and looking forward to see what you come up with.
When you have something to showcase it would be interesting to see it in a short YT-clip.


I hope to have something by early or mid 2023 showing player log in and player card setups.

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If this isn’t ironic, would be cool to see what you draw inspiration from in terms of combat or Lore/World Buliding.

Not a programmer but I hope this works out for you. A Pred Dungeon Crawler or what not sounds cool.


I use the website with info like a Wikipedia.
Dont worry… I am using my research tools that are out there ;)
Mind you though too, I have some of my own elements added as well. Keeping it as close to the lore as I can however.
World maker… I plan to use what the D&D books have for that. Maps will be a thing once I have a data base made.

I will try a YT or something equivalent once testing stages get set

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Just so it is known. I plan to have this out as a FtP game. I ask for nothing other than followers and players.
I am a sadistic bastard who maybe to stupid to ask for pay in doing things I enjoy out of fun.
Programing to me is like LEGOs… Once I get going it is hard to stop.

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If you need help with Lore, I guess I can help out.

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As much as I would, I have a lot of it figured out. From web sites to books and movies. I have lots of stuff to fall back on. Friends also know a bit as well.
What I do want is players and eventually testers.
Info is always welcome too.

I would like to sit and talk to fallowers on my Discord on a weekly base.
Get Ideas, let you hear my thoughts and ideas and get notes from ‘YOU’ the potential player.
So let me know if you would like to get in and I’ll link you my info.

Starting the player setup window.

So then what needs to be in that window is…

The work I have started is the ‘Player Setup’. A simple player card that will be used in game play.
My labels are simple to see, what I need buttons to be are everything that is bold starting at Nature and Demeanor.
Those buttons will need to pull up a single list each… then I can move to Abilities (7), (5), (3)…

Working on getting this portion into GUI

I hope this forum exposes programmers that would put some dirt in illfonic’s eye. Would be nice to make a new asym game done right

Im not working a big corp game yet. this is just one small step

Player card so far.

I can’t wait to play as a predator and say “I used the plasma casters and aimed it at his dick” and get favorable dice rolls. THAT would be Hella funny

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BERZ, Aim for the balls!

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