Yautja weapons add ons

I think we should get modfiyers for yautja weapons (That are technological than bone.) That we can config some weapons to do more damage with either melee or range but I’m not sure how this would be implemented but I’d rather hear your guys thought on this (Also bring the Glaive into the game.)


No more flat damage upgrades plz

Thats no different than most of the mandatory perks and specializations we have now.

More damage is boring. Make it mechanically different


Give Hammer a bonk sound effect when you stealth kill a FT



You ppl need to stop hating damage increase perks.
Like ffs, it would be nice to get penetration damage that ignores the support passive,
DoT effects, freezes, poisons, stuns, paralyze,
Knockdowns, knock ups, ect.


Those are fine because they’re interesting.

I’m just talking flat damage


Thats not flat damage

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You’re not flat damage!

Lol I guess I just felt like yelling idk.

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Get outta here answering ur own reply within a reply

I had an oversized reaction image of betty white dabbing and I cant even be bothered to post it now

Never reply to my reply whilst answering yourself again!

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Look if I wanna talk to myself and involve you then I will.

“But you shouldnt do that.”


Lol I’m bored.
Only reason I responded tho is cause I keep hearing ppl complaining about bane and such, which btw are % not flat, and its just like, yeah ppl like doing more damage lol.

It bothers me cause they ruined destiny because made these complaints.

It’s why you’re so weak in d2 compared to d1.

Assuming that the quick shot damage of the bow gets nerfed, I have some ideas based on Weapon modification.

Yautja Bow

  • light string, 15% faster firerate, 15% less damage
  • razor tip arrows, 15 bleed damage, no slowdown on hits

Plasma pistol

  • blunderbuss, 1 extra projectile, 25% increased spread, 15% reduced firerate
  • howitzer, single projectile, 37 damage, 50% increased explosive radius


  • hollowed core, 50% increased projectile speed, 15% reduced melee damage
  • weighted handle, 15% faster attack speed, throw loses penetration, 25% reduced projectile speed

That’s all I got. If I could open up build options, that’s how I would do it.


A. Semantics

B. A flat damage increase would be more interesting since high rate of fire weapons would get more damage so you have a chance at something broken in a fun way

I speak on half of the entire forum, we all agree with that statement

You can have the base damage, be good, Ghally was capable of two, maybe three shotting Crota without buffs if I’m correct. You don’t need buffs to be strong

Also you know there’s a lot more wrong with D2 than dps.

Love it. Not happening by a long shot but love it.

Imagine custom arrows like flashbang or burn effect. Combistick releases an emp er something that scrambles hud… burning wristblades, explosive handheld plasma caster. Smar disc with hidden trail, goes through walls… can hover lol

Ok done pooping. Interest over.

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Ah fak you, you know you love me.
Like I told finesse, I’m more interested in cc and status effect/ elemental damage over time.

Bleed, poison, burn, ect.
Freeze, stuns, cripples, ect.

And ya, there is more probs with d2 than just dps.
You right.

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Lmao that’s small time xD.
In smite you can get ulted for a good 700 on some characters xD.