Yeet Yautja

Given how strong predators are, I have no doubt that an average predator would have no problem absolutely yeeting another average yautja. We actually hear about this in the AVP Prey book, so it is not too far fetched. On a side note it would be absolutely hilarious just to see one yautja throw another.

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if you continue through the series to Predator war or Hunter’s planet I forget which they actually describe how the much larger females often, accidentally launch their lovers across the room midcoitis frequently resulting in severe injury or even death depending on how they land… that’s Canon

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Given how heavy they are, no. Unless one’s way bigger. We’ve seen them tackle eachother in Predators and fugitive get yeeted through a wall by autism hunter.

Unfortunately this game just gives us “skinnier predator with boob armor and a bow and arrow because its female get it?”

May or may not be retconned.