Yes, jelougaming, beerwarrior and sturlasaurus are cheaters


For those who don’t understand how computers work, I can confirm Aston knows what he talks about. The mockery of his skills by @jelougaming, @beerwarrior66 and @sturlasaurus is factual nonsense. Any computer engineer would confirm those three have very limited knowledge on how to create cheats, however it doesn’t mean they can’t use cheats which were made by someone else in the past.

It is pointless to argue with them. I tried that three years ago, they attacked me exactly like they attack Aston now. Tactics of russian propaganda… deny everything, ad hominem attacks, hypocrisy to accuse others of what they do, damage control by spamming, whataboutism, etc.

Thank you @AstonDB9 for showing other players who doubted if ESP (wallhacks) and aimbots are possible in this game. Of course they are! If you add all these damage exploits, animation canceling, bugged loadouts, sound radars, macros, lag switching, and who knows what else they abuse, anyone sane can get an idea of what is going on. It is a total mystery why they get so triggered when someone mentions cheating.

I am not trying to befriend Aston to get anything from him. I haven’t played the game for more than a year and I don’t plan to play it again.

This is all I have to say about this endless topic. The game is dead for me. If you still play it, show good sportsmanship and have fun. If you find suspiciously good players in the game, you can consider yourself if they cheated, based on what you have seen here on the forum in the past few weeks. Make your own opinion, don’t be like me (as they say).

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You are literally the definition of an idiot. Nobody, not you, not Aston, nobody has ever said shit like that. I mention that yesterday and not 24 hours later you are are repeating the same shit. Fucking laughable. You are probably a service advisor at a Best Buy and think you are a computer programmer.

I’m actually somewhat of a crackhead at this game

(I have average aim but know game mechanics very well)

I understand the game very well and believe nearly less than 5 people really understand the game and from my own experience I feel people learn in their own way and I have tried to create diagrams and miscellaneous things that break down components of the game that is largely incomplete

You and many people similar to you jump at shit too fast, stretch shit out too much, and really fill in gaps with whack information

The community doesn’t know enough about the base to even understand how a bug is incorporated within it

The resources for the game we play are shallow and surface level, when I took a deep dive within the game maybe 2 years ago there were not enough resources to support adapting a greater understanding

During my first few years in this game I spent less time talking and more timing learning and testing about the game and I am demonized for satisfying my curiosity

It’s so strange the accusations about only finding exploits, I get told by multiple people on how useless and irrelevant some of the stuff I actually find is. I find both game destroying and random or obscure things indiscriminately.

I’m usually buzzed or impaired every time I play like this and saying I have aimbot I awesome, I fucking die stupid ways it’s not like I’m unkillable

Calm the fuck down, maybe the issue is your mindset

Nice diagrams. However do you know what is truly sad? You believing that you are something special. Even such potato as me memorized the maps and resources on them after a week of playing the game. If you did something like that when they released the game, it would be usable to help some newbies.

I am perfectly calm, it is you and your friends whining.

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Hallo? They don’t put brains into clowns anymore?

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Just ignore Sturl. Barely reply to him like I do. He’s a bought and paid for parrot that is bandwagoning for Beer, Sam, and Jelou because they gave him hacks to be a troll with like he usually is. Literally Sam talks shit about him, and I’ve posted screenshots showing it, but they use the prospect of more cheat engine tables as a lure to keep him in line lmao. He’s like if I recruited Fantasma to be my new parrot against them if I gave him my hack with Godmode and everything else in exchange. And if at any moment he turned on me, I would pull the plug by expiring his subscription so the hack DLL wouldn’t inject into his game from my server.

The only thing they didn’t bet on was Sturl’s incompetency and big mouth to drag them through the mud indirectly lmao. He’s another Blaze


Ahh, I am just messing with you man!

It is deepfake voice and a fake account! Can’t you see i instead of j in the name?

FairYautia 🤡

Come on, answer me!

They’re just a few examples you completely missed the point

Equal to FairYautja the Fireteam players are cheating if they spot the Predator player and then shoot him while he tries to hide in the open field.
This is one of the reasons why FairYautja was such a clown and got made fun of by the PHG elite the first two years. He also never even played as Fireteam so he wouldn’t understand simple game mechanics that differs between the two factions.

Aimbot, esp and godmode only appeared after Aston showed up.

The majority of players in this game has always been casual players, people who don’t know the difference between regular and well trained eyes and ears to find things.
FairYautja was always a casual player, a roleplayer, who only wanted to meet Playstation Fireteams since he wasn’t good enough.

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We are “cheaters” that get wrecked in other mainstream multiplayer FPS were the potatoes represented 1% of the player base, as opposed to PHG, were potatoes represent 97% of the player base.

I’ve seen all the “god-tier” players of this game play other FPS games and there’s nothing “godly” about them. Is just that the player base of this game is so full of potatoes that anyone with 1/10 of a brain will stand out. And any decent gamer will stand out as “godly”.

Just ask any of these casual idiots always screaming “aimbot”, “wallhack” and “macros” what other FPS games they play. Their answer is either gonna be “NONE” or single player FPS

Ya it only existed once I exposed it. Before something is exposed and publicly demonstrated, it definitely doesn’t exist. Seems completely legit lol. Go back to drooling in a cup, you little Swedish transgender LGBTQ cupcake

Doesn’t sturlusaurus use exploits? All the times I’ve gone against him he uses infinite heals and ammo for the tracking device lol, that and the Fanatic exploit.


Sweet, the game sucks anyways, keep going king

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Yes, and so does Jelou. He literally has videos of him cheating on his youtube channel. Yet @Samhain13 is buddy-buddy with him and Sturl despite claiming he despises cheaters lmao. What a fucking hypocrite. Just like the rest of them. Lie lie lie, spin spin spin, at all costs!


Yes, because you’re the only one that has used it, you’re the only one who could expose it, you tinfoil hat.
The only videos of it existing is in your own videos that you’ve uploaded. We’ve also seen that you’re impersonating Sam by having a username similiar to his in hope to defame him, you’re definitely a jealous psychopath.

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I think Aston is “Riding” someone else’s “Wagner” tbh, someone who is not from this earth.

Hey @AstonDB9 !
Throw away your useless made-in-china-hacks and get real-life-hacks such as this one instead.

For each stupid essay he has written he lost one stray of hair.