Yo Illfonic Check it <<<Buggy wuggies>>>

Firstly, Love the game probably because I’m a fan of Predator more than anything else and this is a close match to being in the film with Arnie and its great fun.

IllFonic Did you make this game for the love of Predator or the love of Money. A little bit for money is cool we all need the Wonga but if you also did it for the love of, then please go full pelt into sorting this game out, or it will join its comrades in the pile of alien and predator games that never got to their full potential.

Sound bug

I’ve had a couple games where the echo’s in the cave seem to echo its self and becomes a nightmare feedback loop , completely deafening. (Big fight was happening in cave after it had ended this sound bug continued until I was halfway across the map, this bug has also stopped after leaving the cave on some occurrences) Had this one a few times, its that bad I just stay the F away from the cave or leave.

Footsteps more specifically the sound heard when a character lands on the floor after jumping. This again sounds like its got feedback and extremely loud, this drowns out the game and player VOIP. So far these have not continued for the whole game. (I was stood still next to other players moving around when this one happened) only had this one once.

VOIP - Please for the love of god add individual player volume control. MUTE and REPORT as the only options I feel is inadequate to promote community play.

T-POSE Seen a few “Playstation” players glitched out and appear as a grey torso floating around the map they cant receive or give damage but can trigger missions and complete them. WTF to that one.

Can we get experience for the multitude of countdowns we have to endure , its like a countdown for the next countdown.

Add public hosted games in addition to matchmaking. Matchmaking seems to be the new thing but its always total shit.

Breif Details

Ryzen 7
RTX 3060 + Predator Hunting grounds = 40 fps (1920x1080)
Low or Cinematic = 40fps

Below is rounded up fps in certain situations. Capped to 144fps

In menu 60
Loading screens 60
Entering the island in the choppa 144
Looking at the ground 144
Looking into a forest 40-60
Looking at 3 or more light points 40
Standing behind 3 or more light points 60
Fighting with Ai around 40
mudding up 144
Spinning the player model around fast in the customisation screen 100+
looking a the sky 144

Bots suck but you still get XP for killing these lemmings(Private match).
Private match bots - you may as well get rid of them must dumbest bots I’ve ever seen but at the same time its like they have a sixth sense. Cloaked in a tree yet these lemmings run straight to your location and wander around directly under you.
They also suck in online games.

Love the potential of this game but I wont be buying any DLC or large expansions till things are fixed, I ain’t buying no broke shit yo.

I’ll add more stuff when I can remember the rest or come across them.
I am also willing to send diag data or help recreate these bugs so no excuses, I don’t have to but I will , win win for you as you wont have to pay someone to get the data for you then. Good old unreal engine eh what happened to the simple days on unreal tournament.

I guess that’s that I spose, Ill leave this here for what its worth.

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