Yo Vampyr fun as hell

Got Vampyr considering its free n ps4 at the moment and it’s fun reminds me of blood borne at least the combat does


The gameplay is so damn stiff.

Maybe but being somebody who has played games like bloodborne dark souls sekiro games like that it’s fun to me and I can see some resemblance however the small areas piss me off I be dodging backwards to bump into a a wall every five seconds well free hit to enemy your welcome enemy

Dude soul reaver, souls, sekiro arent stiff.
Not like vampyr. Which is a shame cause the story looks good.

No those games aren’t stiff your right and don’t get me wrong I do feel the stiffness

That aside, I am really interested in the story.
It really looks good.

A lot of dudes talking about stiffness here…makes you wonder.

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Go try it. They’re from your land.
Pretty sure youl feel the stiffness too.

Deff one of the better free titles they have given us for sure


The gameplay is definitely the same exact thing over and over again which is a shame. I’ve played a few hours not bad

I added it to my library but I have an extensive backlog

I never have more than one story game installed at a time unless it has some mutliplayer aspect

A tip lads, if you find the leader of the vampire hunter order and he gives you mission where he asks you to not read a document, don’t read the document.

Its always stiff

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Fun game except for the long dialogues😴

That’s what I said to her

I can relate