You lied, game is still bugged

PHG Bugs

  • Can’t use medkits on the walls of these maps Excavation, Headquarters and Airstrip (Not Fixed)
  • Veritanium floats above objects on these maps Excavation, Headquarters and Airstrip
  • Fingers of elite customization characters are not colored or textured (Not fixed)
  • Sound quality on headphones are horrible and can’t hear all sounds like as if your underwater (Not fixed)
  • Dutch Tapes are out of order for those who bought the DLC and unlocked them (Not fixed)
  • Take a long time to load OWLF agents loadout (Not fixed)
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I think this is literally just your game I don’t have a problem with any of these

To be fair, I haven’t seen any claims the game is NOT bugged


gEe, WhO cOuLd’Ve SeEn ThIs CoMiNg?


What should I do?

Play Spiderman

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Modern warfare 2 is good too

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  • Buy better headphones (Fixed)

Corsair 💯

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