Young Predator (juvenile) new class hard coded into the game.

Make a young adult smaller in height and faster but less powerful.
Suggestions on perks? and weapons limitations or excesses?

I think they really show rethink the number of arrows for all classes and change it up to allow for youths to carry more than the current amount the adult has and low the amount of what the adults have now to 3/4 of the current number.
Maybe every arrow fired will have increased damage like a head shot.

No plasma caster option. Limited leaping capacity if that almost to that of 3 x that of humans.

Allow for more carrriable amounts of audio decoys. Fewer bear traps.
No heavy melee weapons or staff weapons. and Arm blades do very little damage.

Longer Stealth Invisibility with movement not impeding the cloak.

You’ll almost feel like a human.

if the game detects 1-2 PC keyboard Fireteam, you’ll be diverted as a PC keyboard Predator to using the class. If you’re using a PS Controller or are on PS you’ll automatically be selected into ADult class.

These are fundamental balancing mechanics that Ive yet to post about but WILL HAPPEN! NO MORE UNBALANCE between KEYBOARD/MOUSE and controllers.

Oh thank God that you meant a young yautja. Initially seeing the original title made me concerned that you were advocating for a @John_Herbert DLC.


either way, thats what it means. They should be smaller in size.

Like IMHO almost even midget size. There won’t be any finisher animations.

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A teenage yautja could be an interesting dlc, idk how to make it different from the Scout class though. Scout is already lighter & quicker than base preds.

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Jumping will be extremely limited (you’ll have retarding of getting around even jumping onto buildings) and tree climbing to that only to Prompted tree climbs.

You shits in the forum neverr think of this stuff. ONLY I @MassImpact124 can come up with this stuff because i’m a SUPER GENIUS!! WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO IS SUPER GENIUS!???

@TheSenate we got people ODing and dying. we never see them again. Thats the real take away from this post. People don’t come back.