Zeus Predator

If u add Egypt, u add Greece bruh.

Build/stats as mix of hunter and berzerker class

Plasma sniper rifle

Silver-platinum armor with mask that has lighting bolt on it somewhere

Young blood sized locs

Gear points: 10

Perk points: 15

Specializations: stalker, brute, assassin

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What was that? You mean a dagger with a 10 hit combo?

Naww like hand held plasma caster but as a sniper rifle

I got you I can’t wait for another melee weapon

an orange dagger sounds great

-_- ur joking aren’t u


Another melee weapon? What are you crazy, we’ll get another skin but for the war club.

What? Why?

It just works like that


No it doesn’t

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Yes it does

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Actually…I don’t think I necessarily would be against this. Just this husky built, towering Yautja. It’d be bad ass

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Gladiator Yuatja confirmed


Lol that’s an idea. Roman themed Yautja

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With razor nets, trident and Yautja power fist


Deep cut here but a lightning bolt Predator was in an AVP script. It was essentially a statue. There was something about that maybe being the first guy to use a plasmacaster. Not a movie thing ultimately but it would have some precedent.

You could also adapt the lightning bolt from the old AVP comic in the character design.


I hope they add the lightning bolt as a war paint

It would complete my elder predator

Minus the xeno skull and bug armor

And combistick variant

And burner


Don’t you mean a Gyros knife?

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Because they’re Historically, and Mythologically linked, you cultureless swine.

But where is the rule that says this? Where is it written that if you add Egypt inspired shit, you must also add Greek inspired shit?