-1 level in lobby

When joining a lobby i will sometimes be level -1 and cannot choose any of my loadouts.


From what I’ve seen its an internet connection issue or if you have spotty wifi to begin not 100% sure but thats how it triggered for me.



I don’t believe that it was caused by dirty Wifi. I have a PC connected via a Lan cable. And not via Wifi. And sometimes it happens that I am with the rank -1 and I can’t choose any character only the first one. It’s a game bug or something else I think.

Agreed - I’m connected via Cat6 cable and no WiFi. It’s not anything around internet connection. Happens to me about 15-20% of the matches I join - whether as Predator or FT.

Just be sure to set your default load out to something you’re good with using when this happens.

Yes, Ive seen it before too and previously in the early patches it did not make it into a match without disconnecting immediately but as of the last recent patch updates it tends to disregard any connection issues and continues on into the game locked to your default loadout. Eventually you’ll finish the match with a proper V and lvl readout.
No indication why this is. Nothing wrong with the members in the lobby.
I think maybe that the matchmaking might revolve around certain loadouts possibly. Like it centers around SMG users or the number of pistol users. So maybe weapon power?

Same with me

Goddamit. This freaking bug is still exist after 2.19 patch! Very annoying in clash mode. You can’t change loadout in the lobby and during the clash match.

That -1 level thing happened to me yesterday playing pred. Had a bad predator load out too, so I guess like someone said make sure you always have a good default load out set incase this happens

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Lmao so one year anniversary we just got bugs

This shit and the broken loadouts are essentially official features at this point.

That is a very Souls Borne attitude