12 second shit show

Have a good laugh at my expense here… We all have good and bad days but this was the worst. Before the haters and trolls come in and say you suck, get gud… Im a level 91 predator right now and only play as predator so go troll somewhere else… this is just a short vid to show how powerful the fireteam is, specifically just 2 ft members.
I start by searching one compound and stir up the guards to bring more guards but then run off to the railyard where i do find the FT… They spot me immediately and start pinging my mask. i move to a new spot and go to engage, and from the moment i engage them im in second wind 12 seconds later from just 2 ft members. Anyways enjoy hearing me getting frustrated!


ALWAYS use netgun against PC players. Especially if they are 4


Yeah that’s melee without a netgun for you.
Unviable and too risky.

Get one hit and leap away otherwise no

Inb4 bigdick console pubstompers get here and tell you to git gud


i normally do , soon as i started softening up the ft guy that was mudding up i leaped to the roof. Mid leap i noticed the guy on the roof so i knew i had to engage him close quarters but between his perrys and knife hits then someone on the ground pounding me as well it was just all over… hell i was still taking hits while i fell to the ground in self destruct mode…
Well hope everyone has a good laugh…

You shouldn’t have shot your pistol that early. You should’ve jumped behind the woman on top and you could’ve taken her down before she could defend herself. You should probably run the net gun though, it’s always safer to bring one.

Dude, I’m a Fireteam main and I totally feel your pain. For a while I’ve been against the whole “nerf FT parry” campaign, but after endless victories against Predators that are purely because of this scenario it feels cheap, and I’ll be happy to take the nerf.

Our parry/knife combo is ridiculously OP as fuck and the stun animation for the Predator just leaves you wide open, then there’s the stamina problem on top of that. It sucks, a FT shouldn’t stun a fucking 8ft HUNTER ALIEN and be able to beat it in melee. The parry mechanic should only be for defense purposes, if the stamina drain had any effect on us then that would help but it doesn’t.

It’s a joke that any FT can 1v1 a Predator in melee and win, so don’t take it so hard because you were just beaten by shitty, unbalanced game mechanics.


as i said, i didnt notice the person on the roof till mid leap… i dont need a net gun… i do well with my current loadout… this was just a bad round but shows just how fast the ft can take down a predator… fireteams have no reason to fear predators cause theyre weak as water


Oh yeah, didn’t see that line. If a FT is in it they’ll melt a Berserker with impenetrable in seconds

Nerf predator, buff FT.

Hah this guy must be a comedian


Never have I related to a post on a gamer level till I saw this

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You have to run bow and mix up the animation cancel. Literally i beat all pc fts with 4 items. Bow for sofening up or down traps for downed ft… followed by disc mulyi hit . Into charged plasma

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So you came face to face vs 2 FT without any care. Spam AA. Then you can’t manage SW for escape. Congratulations your skill rated between 0 and those AI. There is only prove of lack of your skill not a predator weakness.

You’re approach needs work lol. Need more training xD

And you’re response shows how much of an irrelevant asshole you are. Can you fk off the forums already? Nobody likes you man. All you do is talk shit for no reason.


Says the FT pleb that thinks Predator is OP because he is literal trash XD


The Predator is if anything slightly underpowered imo.


Yep sucks.
The kill potential you get with a parry has always made melee trash on top of it being single target damage that requires lengthy animations and puts you in kill range of every weapon.
Yes you can switch to a ranged weapon or slam the person point blank but melee itself is just high risk for no reward, melee combat needs an overhaul.

Lol guy in the video has his back to the ledge incase he misses a parry and needs to jump off. Doesnt budge because he doesn’t need to bc he knows what hes doing but mechanically its so ridiculous.


Building on that, make sure netgun is attached to Elder hand

You want parry nerfed so you can run combistick and floor the entire team with no problem? Parry is the ONLY counter to melee spam from the predator.
The dude in this video did not play well in that instance. He charged visibly at the enemy so the FT was prepared. Was on the edge and people from below could attack him easy and clearly. The predator is NOT a tank. You soften up the target and then come from the back and finish the job.

Also NOBODY can 1v1 a GOOD predator in melee and win. If you think so I am sure you can try your luck with the good predators around here who claim they did not die in months. Tell us how it went, you can even film the event. I would love to watch it. Then you can tell me its unbalanced mechanics. Up to that points a LTP issue. Also as I said. This guy went into second win by getting parried by 1 guy as he was shoot up from below, its working as intended, he did NOT lost a 1v1.

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