1v1 Compilation

Why do people think PC players “cheat”?


jesus those graphics

but aside from that it’s mostly comes down to reaction speed and just shot accuracy % most PS players simply miss 60% of their shots whereas some PC players are landing 80% of their shots then because PC players tend to have higher refresh rates, custom mouse DPI, Higher quality headphones. etc…
and the dreaded 3rd party software even though i’ve literally never seen someone use a macro in any of my games and i’ve had crossplay on since it was option

also i’m pretty sure we played like a week ago so uh GGs and all that

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That was a good fight, it’s a shame illfonic doesn’t optimize their game for PC or Console. Honestly they should implement an aim-assist for all controller users to even the odd’s out a bit.

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i agree totally it would be great for me to play on backwater and not experience FPS drops

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Do you hear the echo? That was from 6 months ago. Yes that would even out the odds and make it a bit more fun for PS controller users whether they be on PC or PS.

On top of that, maybe add semi-automatic option for the faster pistol firing as letting the button go flicks your aim off a bit. That makes it loads more fun.

I can’t even imagine playing on console, with huge fps drops this game cannot ever be considered competitive tbh.


The pistol’s are already in semi-auto as far as i’m aware.

I mean autofire (Where holding the trigger will firing and continue firing) until the next mag.

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fps on this game are a nightmare, even with a powerful righ (2080, 3080, etc)

people don’t get why we HAVE to lower graphics in order to get consistent 60 fps (the STANDARD today in many games, specially competitive ones).

I’ve played locked at 30 fps, is bad, though you get used to it after a while. With high ping (private matches) is basically impossible to play

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Arma 3 in a nutshell.

at 1080p? you must be playing well over that for fps to be so low. i’m not sure but i wont do 4k unless its 1080p upscaled. Its just not possible with my hardware and my card is pretty high up there. But at 1080p it does just fine where settings are either high med or epic.


I get around 50-70 fps on epic settings IF I overclock the GPU. If I don’t, I don’t even get to 60, on a 1070 Ti, IN THE MENUS

Also… 1080P? peasant… LOL

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no i only just switched to 1080p i was at 1440p or the next step up from 1080p.
There is no reason to put PHG in the city. Its pushing it in the jungle. a city map would be a cake walk.
BTW i also have foliage at the lowest setting. I’m not sure if it makes a huge difference. Ill check.

only thing that makes a huge difference is shadows, then post-processing
But lowering shadows from epic to low will give you an instant 60+ fps more. it will also make the game look like total bananas

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1v1 me brah

lmao @Mr_Mojo_Rising is that how you play this game?

I don’t play cheaters.