2 Predators Mode?

First off, the predator isnt the bad guy.
Not in this game.
Dont be so quick to throw human morality at the pred when their whole civilization revolves around combat.

To them this is not wrong.

Second, everyone loves to bitch about anything predator does.
Its ridiculous.
Focus range?
Focus melee?

No matter.
Ft mains tend to be peices of shit.
Not all, theres a few cool ones.
But the assholes I’m Talking about want the complete advantage and will talk shit in order to manipulate a pred to play in a way thats easy for them cause they cant handle Anything else.

It’s pretty pathetic.
They choose to focus humans who are weak and boring.
But they want to be stronger than non human.

Sadly they already have that yet some of them STILL bitch about pred being too strong.
Its stupid.


Hey look that’s me questioning why we were blessed with “his” presence on the stream.


I wasn’t able to watch anything, what did I miss

Your famous now.


Someone summoned him from hell


I think we’re a little off track of the subject guys 😂 people will always talk shit fuck them if I reacted to every negative comment I see I’d be having a bad time however this game still has a lot of changing to go through who knows what’s gonna happen just have fun and play the game like illfonic said but I will say @IllFonic easier said than done most the time I quit playing PHG because one day my classes will be wiped no matter what I do or I get glitched so bad I have to constantly close and open a new app and despite you guys are trying the best you can I’m trying the best I can playing a game that constantly breaks after nearly a year out and it’s still hard to play that is what’s gonna keep people off this game and it’s not they’re fault it literally kills the game when your trying your ass off as a Predator or FT and you get blue screened and have to restart that’s should be a blue moon thing now every other time I play until this is fixed and until the game runs smooth conversations you guys are having are totally undermining the real problem here

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FT players and Predator players have 1 thing in common a working game because if not you won’t have a jungle to squabble in


I’ve lost all interest in the conversation because it got really derailed sooooo I’m just gonna post random shit I’ve found on discord


That’s an old one lol.

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Would be cool!

It was fun playing against them.

Amen bro!


Well if your going to be Mike that then Yeah I will got a problems deal with it. Yes the predator is the bad guy it’s always been labeled as the villain even by the own company if you dont know that then your just lol. If on there planet then maybe you have a point but no there invading our planet to kill us. You want to bring in logic? Might want to think before you speak.
Finessology agrees because he gets it.

Lmao by that logic then were beyond fucking evil because of how we farm animals.
It’s funny How people think their morals apply to others.

Il tell you this.
If you’re In a match with me, there ain’t no good or evil, right or wrong, literally all there is, is the fight.

Your perception doesnt matter.

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i’m about to hit you with the ultimate isn’t bad subjective though?

so predator is bad because he kills humans but from his perspective we are animals to him

so is not being a vegan evil by that logic? should we humans have a right to kill meat eaters cause they commit a sin against life?

in predator society he must hunt so he has the right to continue his lineage which is what life’s ultimate goal is
is the pursuit evil because he must take other life away?

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Yeah I can apply it for all of us because the predator isnt real (as far as we know)… but you want to talk about something meaning less it’s your whole conversation, because like you and me we ain’t going to do shit

Second verse same as the first