2020-2021 Archive of leaks

Its in the same state dbd was before they got there shit together so its possible, since its not monthly content anymore hopefully that means more quality and more well content.

I just started playing that actually

Yeah Ive been playing for around 2 years but read up on its history prior to know what I missed.

As well as more polished content lol

Yes I think monthly content was too much for them, and they decided to spread out content in order to make better content and patches, but thats a theory a game theory.

I think their idea of monthly content was alright, but then quarantine hit hard
And the community hit harder

I see what you did there

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Covid was the main issue we would of had a smoother launch if that wasn’t a factor.

Also would have Cyberpunk by now too.

Yep a lot of things would have been better
Anyways it been nice chatting but I got work tomorrow, well today since it’s 4:30 am lol

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If anyone finds a leak and feel like posting it here that would also be great



Not those leaks lol
And don’t you dare post the water pipe leaks from Backwater either

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Can one of those dataminers give us a list of all the Predator trophies that are available, it’s be nice to know which ones can be unlocked via the field lockers.

Is the dreads from Viking? Because if not that does mean we got a new Predator in development and I can’t think of anybody with that name.



RNG boxes are just a waste of time and V.

Here are some serious leeks I haven’t seen anyone else cover. Truly astounding that the community hasn’t gone batshit crazy over this.


Looks like that needs a little bit of flex tape.



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It can instantly bond, seal and repair, it evens works underwater!

(I hate that I know this by heart)


It’s not Viking so it could be a new Predator, or a new cosmetic option