2020-2021 Archive of leaks

I would like to make a place were we can post all the leaks in one place.

All leaks will be edited into this OP with a timestamp as to when they were roughly first posted, as well as were it was posted.
Videos will be placed after the normal list of leaks, due to the lists format.

If it’s something we already have then I won’t post the images of the finished versions.
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A bunch of stuff as well as a bunch of individual posts FB_IMG_1591674552276


A bunch of stuff as well as a bunch of individual posts

August 28th

New game modes found unknown SPOILER_unknown-1

September 20th

Here’s what I know so far, Guantlet pregame debug menu

September 29th

Let the datamining begin 8fffopp725q51

October 1st

Got a little surprise for you guys

October 2nd

Check it

October 26st Early Viking Image and description on the Epic store

October 27th

Snow and airstrip map More masks and updated owlf op

October 28

Rival,Haze,and wretch masks New predlocks called longtail

December 8th

New Predator Classes, Airstrip missions SPOILER_unknownunknown(1)

December 11th

Scar and Mr.Black Plasma Caster animations Scar Mr

December 14th

Update on new map, Puru

December 16th


February 13

Lone wolf time attack mode?

February 16th

Every please calm we just need to wait…some more, Lone wolf intro, Ships drones and more unknown https://youtu.be/a9HBHVno--4

February 17th

Wall of text ->
Discuss amongst yourselves


February 19th
March 17th
April 2nd
April 10th


April 29th

June 29th

New flashlight found

August 31st

September 20th
November 5
December 15
December 20th

Video section
February 16th

February 17th

April 10th

If I missed any again please post it below so I can edit it in. I will bump this evey so often. I hope to archive everything for everyone to see.

If you find a leak and feel like posting it here that would also be great.

This section is dedicated to leaks that are most likely cut content, if any of these get more leaks supporting that they are coming to the game then they will be removed

Cut content so far

Cut content Video section


Nice compilation.

I totally missed the airstrip map. That looks fun.


The first map leak, did it turn out to actually be Excavation because it looks slightly different.

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I don’t think it’s excavation maybe HQ


Just when you think Vex couldn’t get any worse, here comes blind predator.


Hopefully the new masks don’t have the warpaint bug like the ones we just got

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So Headquarters is the big map, got it.

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It would make sense
Maybe that’s will be the map Gauntlet will come with

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Most likely I cant see 12 ft and 3 preds on the maps we have now.

Hopefully we get more big maps after so Gaunlet can be expanded, cause multi pred mode is what we need besides balance atm.

Maybe on Excavation and Back Water as well

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It can work but its too cramped.

Also they would have to change mission length and timer or just get rid of it cause it should be just a fight o the death, whatever side wins, ends the match.


It all depends on how Gauntlet is structured
If the 12 FT are split up into groups and have their own different objectives it might not feel cramped

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Fair but judging how Clash is complete chaos I dont think its going to be controlled but I could be wrong.

Also it says max of 15 they could adjust it for smaller maps to have 2 preds instead of 3 and whatever amount of ft seems right

We can only speculate on what it’s going to offer
Until we get more new or leaks we just won’t know

Yup cause gods forbid they let there community know what there working on.

That’s why I made this archive so more people will know about some of the juicy leaks they missed


Good on you, honestly I want triple a dev too take over and rework the game especially with a new movie in works, Ubisoft would be good since they have experience and we would have 10x better Predkour system than we have now, and well stability and optimization. Sadly it will never happen.

True but imagine if what they would have done if they were the ones who started making this game from the beginning

We wouldnt have half the issues we have now minus bugs, I have no faith in illfonic at this point there dragging this game through the mud, pardon my negativity ive been fed up with this game for awhile, it has so much potential but its in the wrong hands.

But no company is flawless they all have a bad quirk to them
Ubisoft games have become VARY repetitive, they all a that same feeling, and they do have bugs

Anyways we can’t change what’s been done, but we can hope for things to get better. Hopefully Illfonic pulls itself out of the mud and actually addresses the issues this game has