2minutes 30 seconds and i called helicopter

Title says it all, predator have no chance on these missions.


Options for predator is to rush and die or take calm and lose.

The real mission is to kill the pred. Only push mission if the pred is being a coward is how I do it.

Oh wow you beat a noob Pred congrats 👏 not really

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I know man. We’ve all been saying it since launch.

Any pred worth their salt will be on the FT fairly quickly and can harass them from the get go to delay mission. I’ve ran out the clock on teams before on the quicker missions.

Funny how someone plays a video game and thinks he is Super fighter.

I know right especially since they have no skill so they post that one victory to be hard 🥴

As i said it was too easy, not hard. You maybe misunderstood what i wrote.

Oh so you were talking about yourself lol well if it’s so easy show us next time 😂

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Haahaaahaa, funny emotion.

Ya it’s called laughing at people’s jokes which this thread is 😆

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You are

What is this kindergarten? Lol I know you are but what am I? Lol also if you are a kid I apologizes but at the same time I could say the same thing, F.T is easy but no one would believe you unless you showed proof, now I dunno if you want recognition for your gamer skills but we all know it’s not true

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I dont need to proove you, 12:30 was when mission was finished. Hard to believe? Maybe you havent played this game enought then. Everyone knows its possible.

Break lock, kill guard, investegate box, Rush to camera feedbaxk, Rush to Village, Rush to exfil.

And that’s why I don’t believe you and the community knows me ask my friends or you’ll see me post, I have been playing this game long enough and lvl 150 lol 😂

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I’ve played with a lot of level 150s who’ve claimed to been playing this game for a long time and still sucked. Time isn’t a measurement of skill

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And people use xp boost without learning every aspect of every item first. Big fail on learning.