First picture is damage of 7EN body shot (impenetrable on pred and Yautja Bane on the Assault class)

Second picture is damage of 2XL revolver body shot (impenetrable on pred and Yautja Bane on the Assault Class)

As you can see the damage is the same , this is insane. Imagine playing against a premade team , 2 with sniper and 2 with assault rifle and revolver. Basically every time they see you they shot you once and you are close to Second Wind. 4/5 Revolver hits and you are 50% hp. Obv is not hard to hit at least 2 out of 6 bullets of your revolver magazine, and you are 4 marines!!! Yautja Bane is breaking the game for Pc scenario (I think on Ps4 too, I an not aware of the situation for their tournament).
You guys need to do proper adjustments, the dps was already too much, you nerf the Pred skill (range weapon) and bugf fireteam damage that was already high. You need to change others things , like reinforcements , missions, elder sword nerf and Ai shooting throw walls. Many people I know want to drop the game because you don’t listen the community and ignore bug posts every fucking time.


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Please this needs to be adjusted.
This is not to be questioned… this is real threat for people to just start maining fireteam… people can now easily speedrun the speedrunnable record…


Arrow, this has been like this since before 2.0.

I swear its always felt like it hits that hard.

Before 2.0 secondary assault passive perk wasnt working, plus yautja bane wasnt that broken.

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I’m telling ya, the revolver always hit that hard.
It was one of the guns I knew I couldn’t take lightly.

I learn to respect it a while back.
It might be hitting slightly harder now, but I’m telling you, its always felt like a sniper shot.

I have no reason to lie.
I wish I had recorded proof.

It might have been slightly less before, but not by much.

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I was playing Revolver as well, I know it hurts, I velive you. But now is just non sense, what s the point of using 7EN now?😂

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Yea i don’t know what happened to impenetrable it literally dosent even work now

It works unfortunatly, it’s just Yautja Bane that is broken.

What!?! Holy fuck i thought it was bugged or something. Fuck that I’m doing l9ng range from now on and net gunning fools

It works, but doesn’t look like 10%, for me it’s 5%.

Yea that looks about 5%

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does the revolver broke th pred mask after the samge number of shot as the 7yen?

With yutja is 4 shot to break, or 1 sawz shot and 2 revolver shots.

I think if they make pigs more consistently available, not abundantly mind you, Predator will be better equipped to deal with teams.

The problem is not how many times you can heal , the problem is that you have not enough hp to capitalize from one down. After downing some one , you cant claim him or kill him with range weapons because you will get sent in second wind before.

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You’re right. Just tested yesterday. The predator takes the same damage with or without impenetrable.

That’s a good thing. Constant quick claims were a big problem before patch 2.0.

Yea I don’t know why they cant fix shit

Predator armor needs to be more than cosmetic

Predator needs location specific damage

Shots that hit armor need to deal less damage

Do you guys just like constantly Melee while killing for the first down and getting shot at the whole time or something for your first down? I play Ranged all day and don’t even have these problems, even while quick claiming and not just shooting downed.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn at all, but I keep hearing about problems that I don’t suffer with. 2XL always hit that hard tho.