87 and Alpha

I have never seen a fanbase so spilt over skins. Like come on


Well people like to be included (87) and people don’t like buying something that is then made free (alpha)


I understand the free part was kind of a low blow by Illfonic because they basically used him as a filler on the roadmap. And if ppl wanted to be included they should have pre ordered.


Yeah no end of the day I agree. They said hey pre order the game and get jungle hunter, so if you wanted him there was a very simple and easy way to get him. And yeah what they did with alpha I’ve made my opinion clear about. Super super, as you said, low blow hahah.

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Gotta say though I have jungle hunter and I’m not like, overtly against they making him purchasable. Like it wouldn’t bother me. But I guess it’s like, the only thing us OG’s will have to show we were here from the beginning. Which is why some people are against it lol

If they make him purchaseable it should be if this game survives the year mark

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Yeah that could be cool. I’m kinda worried about the game tho with the new consoles dropping. Not sure it’s gonna make it. But I also would not be surprised AT ALL if the game has a “Complete hunter” edition within 8 months that has jungle hunter, and every dlc they ever dropped all for 20 bucks

Hopefully be ported to the ps5

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I bought the alpha figure and don’t care that it’s free, just give us the bone spear and shuriken.

But the bone spear wouldnt be collapsible so would be weird to pull it out of nowhwre fully extended and the smart disc is crappy so who cares

I have used the smart disk most of the time and it has gotten me out of some bad situations and yeah I agree it has caught on invisible objects the turning radius isn’t very good and also I have had it go through people

eh honestly the only reason i have to be pissed is now i cant sell my Code for the damm thing

I find that Hilarious lol. You deserve that shit lol

lol yea… true but i love the game and im trying my Best to Justistfy Supporting it


Lol sorry but I find it hilarious that ppl were trying to sell the codes for extreme prices. Reminds me of all the ppl trying to sell masks after they bought the stores out of stock.

Richterbryan be all

had too


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Lol i know man I take no offense to any memes or trolling attempts its all good fun here.

Btw is this who that guy was trying to be in V for Vendetta lol

i dont remember Alex jones is Just a living Breathing Meme tho

Knock Knock Knock " Im here to date your Six year old" Blank serious stair

Knock Knock Knock … " I came knocking on your door a million times and you laughed at me… " More serious stairing

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Lol mam I cant wait for crossplay invites to work would love to hear ur banter in mic chat lol